Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Act 2012

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(This article deals with United Kingdom Legislation-Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Act, 2012. It is intended for our readers in United Kingdom)

On the 1st April 2013 the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishing of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) came into effect and implemented wide spread changes across the civil litigation, and specifically, the personal injury landscape. Under LASPO, in no win no fee cases, success fees, which are the fees that solicitors are paid if their case is successful, will no longer be recoverable from losing defendant parties. Success fees will now be paid out of claimants’ damages.

The reforms surrounding success fees were implemented with the intention of reducing disproportionate costs in personal injury cases and eradicating the ‘compensation culture’ which the government believes to have engulfed the UK. Now, as success fees will not be paid from losing defendant parties, but out of claimants’ damages, the amount of damages that claimants receive will be reduced. However, in an effort to prevent these changes being too severe on claimants, the amount of success fee that is recoverable has been capped at 25% under LASPO. But  Bolt Burdon Kemp, personal injury specialists, have decided to recover only 15% of their clients’ damages. In addition to this, so as to compensate for the seemingly higher costs for claimants in personal injury cases, the amount of general damages which can be awarded has been increased by 10% under LASPO.

If you have been injured through no fault of your own and would like to claim compensation then personal injury experts at Bolt Burdon Kemp can pursue your claim for you. They can work on a no win no fee basis and will only recover 15% of your damages if your case is successful. Bolt Burdon Kemp have over 25 years of experience pursuing personal injury claims in a wide range of situations including, trips and slips, accidents at work and road traffic accidents, and therefore they fully understand their clients’ issues, injuries and also rehabilitation and aftercare needs. If you have suffered injury, it is only right that you receive justice and are compensated for your losses.

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