Murder in the Name of Honor ..that we Call “Honor Killing”

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First step in a legal battle against so-called ‘honour-killing’ was taken on 30th March 2010,when a landmark judgement was given by the Karnal Sessions Court in the murder case of Manoj and Babli, who had been murdered three years ago by Babli’s relatives on the orders of Khap Panchayat for having married within the same ‘gotra’ (sub caste).


What honor is received by such incidents? Such incidents bring shame to our country. Regardless of the Indian economy reaching great heights, and the country moving ahead in most spheres, the spectre of caste discrimination continues to haunt the nation. People continue to be harassed and killed for the sake of so-called “family image and honour”.

After the judgement, a question arises that- Whether the caste based minds of the Khap Panchayats will be influenced by this judgement or not? Its worth mentioning here that the Karnal sessions court has awarded death sentence to five of the accused and life sentence to one. In response to the verdict ‘The Caste court’ held their “Mahapanchayat” yesterday in Kurukshetra to protest against the decision and openly declared that Caste is above law! Also an opinion was expressed that girls will continue being killed if they go against the prevailing custom! It has also put forward a demand to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and ban wedlock among the same gotra!

When someone marries outside one’s caste, he or she is socially as well as financially boycotted by the villages. Will these villagers ever change their mindsets? Since ages there are numerous instances that the distinctions based on caste and religion have given nothing to humanity. But even now we keep on killing and murdering people sometimes in the name of ‘marriage outside caste’ and sometimes for ‘marriage within the same gotra’.

What the hell is this? Do we have nothing to do except finding deviators whom we can punish, just because they do not follow the rules that we consider right? In our country we have got so many problems, that need to be addressed first, but why would we do that? There are people in this country who think that God has sent them from heaven just to enforce morality on others. They have sworn to make every person in the country a strict follower of the norms. But they exercise their power only on the innocent and the powerless. They are well aware of the fact that  all of this is sheer stupidity and sets a classic example of constricted mentality. This hampers healthy growth of our beloved country. People need to be more sensitive to such issues as early as possible.

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