Bhopal Gas Tragedy: Compensation to victims…A Punishment for others.

June 25th, 201011:13 pm @    

bhopal-gas-tragedyRecently there was a great hue and cry over the verdict of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy case. The victims felt cheated and the nation was outraged. Media did an excellent job by giving it prime coverage. Government had to face the heat.

Things began to roll; And the blame game begun. People blaming the State..State blaming the Centre.. Centre had no body to blame.  What did they could have done to save their face? They appointed a Group of ministers (GoM) to probe into the matter.

GoM after long hours of deliberations came out with a way to appease the victims. They simply decided to grant a whopping compensation. But apparently the Finance minister (in league with the Law minister) never considered the fact that the compensation granted is being nicked out of the pocket of an Indian taxpayer!

Instead of pursuing the real culprit (Union carbide/Dow Chemicals) and making it pay for the fiasco, the Government of India brilliantly decided to distribute an Indian’s hard earned money (which was supposed to be used for development of the nation) to the sufferers of Bhopal Gas Tragedy! Its not that the people mind lending a helping hand to the victims, but as a matter of principle this decision is wrong.

The Union Ministers must be held accountable for such reprehensible decisions as this. Who gives them a right to make an Indian taxpayer pay for something which is not his fault? It’s a punishment to the innocent.

Dear Finance minister.. Do you hear me?

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