Yatrigan Kripya Dhyan dein.. Pathetic Condition of Indian Railways.

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Yatrigan kripya dhyan de..  Phalana se dhikana jaane waali gaadi sankya: xxxx 10 ghante deri…..

Sitting in the cosy couches in a room well lit by cfls and cooled by coolers/ air conditioners, a not so rare phenomenon of ‘trains getting late’ or ‘cancelled’ is understandable, if it’s due to cause that might sound reasonable. But these reasons hardly make any sense at all when one is stuck on some overcrowded railway platform of some random railway station for say the last 10 hours. Watching people sprawling on the outskirts of the platform creates a weird feeling. So many diff people, from diff places, dirt crusted clothes…. Known are all the reasons, ranging from the winter fog to naxal attacks, but all these hardly make sense when one is tormented by the heat/cold, the stale feeling and hunger of all things takes its toll on every sane men.


Not that I don’t understand that these problems are not foreseen but oughtn’t the Indian railways and the high class chairpersons to try to do something to resolve the issue rather than playing the’ blame someone game’! When this problem must be (keeping in mind the easy to satisfy nature of Indian people) once in a FULL moon kind, this is starting to become a twice or thrice in a single journey kind.

There are so many intelligent, automated tracking systems and solutions proposed but none of these are ever put to practice. Instead of trying out solutions the ‘divert the route’ policy seems to be an alternative that is practiced by the Indian railways with an open hand. But what if you are to board or descend at the station that gets sacked? And who pays for the extra journey you make for travelling to the nearby stations that were lucky enough to stay enroute? But who gives a rat’s ass about the train travellers when there are so many other important things to look after.

Aren’t we satisfied, being one of the largest train networks of the world? Even if that means being one of the worst in its kind. Well…finally some train arrives and after a lot of hustle and bustle when one finally gets place to rest oneself , he is exhausted, sweaty, sticky and a few green notes poorer( that sometimes cost more than the ticket already bought). And then there will be more delay and shortage of food and water…..

But as we all understand…

“The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted”

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