Valentine’s Day and Protection of Couples from Religious Groups

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valentines-bajrangdalLove is in the air! As the Valentine’s Day approaches the scenario all around us changes – markets are stacked with gifts and greetings; T.V., newspapers and cell phones are flooded with love messages; and the hearts of the young are filled with lovely anticipations.. The mood turns festive!

But who plays the role of the spoilsport? Yeah.. You have guessed right- organizations like Shri Ram Sena, Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dal . These groups set perfect example of hooliganism by antagonizing the couples who possess the true spirit of this Love Day. Ranging from misbehaviour to manhandling of the innocent couple, these organizations may make them face anything.

As almost all of us are aware we have been granted certain freedoms by the Constitution of India. Worth mentioning is Article 19 which ensures us the freedom of speech and expression. Then why the youngsters of this great nation are abstained from fully exercising these fundamental rights? Why on the name of safeguarding ‘Bhartiya Sanskriti’ the rights of individuals are being violated?

In support of their actions these groups extend some stupid arguments. These include (as according to website immoral behaviour, unethical conduct and destruction of youth by aping the west. On a humorous note; the following picture published in the newspaper Dainik Sanatan Prabhat further explains the reasons for their fanatic activities-

Ideology of Religious Groups about Valentines day in India.

There are many more constructive ways of explaining the importance of Indian culture to our youths but the methods opted by these groups are definitely wrong and detrimental to progress of our nation.  Law enforcement agencies; especially police should ensure protection and safety of the couples who are not indulging themselves into indecent behaviour. As it has been already accomplished that couples enjoying themselves in clubs, restaurants, picnic spots, etc are doing so as the matter of their right; Government should take precautionary steps in time to avoid any incident which brings disgrace to the largest democracy in the world.

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