Supreme Court asks Allahabad High Court to deliver the Ayodhya Judgement

September 28th, 20102:37 pm @    

After a thrilling day, the Supreme Court of India permitted the Lucknow High Court Bench to go ahead with the Ayodhya verdict. Earlier this week the apex court had directed the Lucknow High court bench to hold the decision on the basis of a petition by Ramesh Chandra Tripathi.

The final verdict which shall be delivered on September 30th at 3.30 pm. One of the judges of the High court Bench, Justice Dharam Veer Sharma is supposed to retire on October 1 which had given the Bench three days to pronounce the much awaited verdict. There are some procedural formalities which will be completed first. An official order of the SC shall be dispatched to Lucknow bench after which the bench will converge and give the judgement.
The SC had asked the Government of India to give its opinion over the matter. The GOI took a neutral stand saying that it is ready to be a mediator if asked to be one or otherwise it shall comply with the High court decision.
Now, the whole nation is again in a state of wild anticipation over the final verdict. The law enforcement agencies are geared up to combat any disturbances.

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