Allahabad High Court Delivers Judgement on Ayodhya Case

September 30th, 20105:57 pm @    

The 60 year old suspense finally comes to end! The Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High court has given its judgement on the much awaited Ayodhya Issue. Their were multiple issues and multiple law suits clubbed together in the case hence on their basis the court has established the following facts-

1. The structure (Babri Masjid) was built by Babar but has not been built according to tenets of Shari’a. Hence it cannot have the characteristic of a mosque.

2. The Idols which were discovered by Archeological Survey of India shall not be removed from the site.

3. The court also accepted that Hindus have been worshiping the disputed site as a deity since time immemorial (distant past beyond memories). Hence, Hindus shall be allowed to worship the disputed site.

4. It has also been established that the space just beneath the dome of the disputed mosque is the religious place for Hindus and it has been allotted to them.

5. ASI also presented the fact that the old structure which was a massive Hindu structure and it was demolished to build the mosque.

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