Rape of the Law?

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Think about it…

When will a girl move out and wander fearlessly? Why does a worried mother calls up her daughter if she is out after 7 in the evening?  What is she afraid of?  There’s a voice in the mind that murmurs, God save her. The real fear in her mind is- Rape.

How can one forget, only a woman has the power to give birth to life.. to bring a life into existence.. we should salute this creation of the Lord. Since time immemorial a woman has been subject to sexual abuse i.e. in criminal law parlance, rape- a word which gives a woman goose bumps, like a night mare.

Aftermath of Rape

Rape is not only an offence, it’s a sin. It’s like giving so many wounds to a body, that it loses all its sensation. It’s a horrendous form of god’s beautiful creation of bringing a life into existence. This is another way of playing with nature. So brutal, that cannot let a victim face the world forever.

The plight of a woman after such a hurricane in her life is beyond words. It’s shattering. It’s next to challenging her utmost strength. It’s a mockery to nature’s beauty. She’s all broken, sad, depressed and her life comes to a halt. No sympathies work. It’s impossible to rejuvenate to her. In this drive, many of the rape victims commit suicide; some succumb to the wounds and die, while others wait for the death.

What can be done to help Rape victims?

It’s time to work beyond estimating statistics, because it has been immensely shooting up and I find it useless unless we are working for the root cause. People should be aware of the gravity of the offence. Instead of presenting repetitive sensational news broadcast of such cases,  documentary movies on the condition of women post rape should be exhibited in doordarshan channels particularly, since  it is the only mode of entertainment in the slums and villages. Such sessions should also be organized in schools, both in cities as well as villages. The youth should be taught about the psychological disorders of the culprits, so that they take the right path at the right time. The youth should also be promoted to work against this offence. This will help in building India of our dreams. Speedy disposal of cases should be done, so that the citizens don’t lose their faith in law. We cannot let go of the lust monsters.  Every daughter is special.


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Nandita Bajpai is a student of Amity Law School, Lucknow pursuing her UG degree in Law.

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