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MightyLaws.in is a student run multi-author Blog, created with the motive of simplifying the complex laws and explaining them to readers without legal jargon and ensuring a better understanding of legal do’s and don’ts among masses. With the same purpose Blog Post Writing Competition, 2011 is being organized. It has been sponsored by Westlaw India.

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In this competition participants are expected to simplify any Provision, Statute or Indian Law in a form of article/post in maximum 1500 words and mail it to us- participate[at]mightylaws[dot]in. Quality articles will be published within three days of submission. There are three cash awards  for the best entries-

Reader’s Choice Award- The winner will be chosen by the readers by clicking the Facebook ‘like’ button below the post. The entry with maximum number of likes will bag the award. The Award money is Rs. 10,000.

Sponsor’s Choice Award– The winner will be picked up by the Sponsor of the competition -Westlaw India. The Award money is Rs. 10,000.

Jury’s Choice Award– The winner will be chosen by a distinguished panel of Judges. The Award money is Rs. 10,000.

The beauty of the whole competition is that you can send any number of entries you want. Apart from handsome cash awards the winner will be given a certificate too.

This will serve as a platform for active law student’s and law professional’s participation in increasing legal awareness and contributing their due to the society. Provisions, Statute or Indian Laws explained in easy English by the participants and published at MightyLaws.in shall serve as free source of legal knowledge for laymen.

To encourage variety and allowing wide scope to participants to express themselves, no topics or subjects have been given. The field of Law is vast and restricting the competition to few law subjects will defeat the very object of this competition.

The last date of mailing your entries is- May 31st June 7, 2011.

It’s time to buckle up and give your best to the articles. It’s time to tell the country that Law is not a web of complexity but easy to understand and simple. People ought to know what sort of law governs them. Spreading legal awareness is the need of the day! For details and rules and regulations of the competition please follow this link- MightyLaws.in Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 Rules and Regulations.

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Nikita is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of MightyLaws.in. She is a lawyer/author residing in Delhi. She believes that increasing legal awareness is the key to ensure social justice and simplification of law is the means to achieve it. She writes articles on social and political issues for various platforms in English and Hindi.

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