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Westlaw.com is widely used by government, academic institutions and the judiciary in South Asia, Westlaw combines trustworthy legal and regulatory materials from renowned content providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, Indlaw.com, Thomson West, Lawbook Co and Carswell. Westlaw is a subscription-based service giving you access to Case Law, Legislation, Law Reviews, Treatises, and Directories organized by topical and jurisdictional libraries with  editorially enhanced and reliable content – head notes, citators and legal update alerts – and an easy-to-use interface.

Westlaw India specially created for the practitioners in South Asia and contains primary and secondary sources from India, United Kingdom, EU, United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa. Also covered are over a 1000 law reviews & journals from all over the world, particularly the US and the UK like Public Law, Law Quarterly Review, Fleet Street Report and encyclopedias such as the American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum, Restatements and the American Law ReportsMore importantly there are linkages between Indian and UK cases as well as links between Indian cases and legislation

In addition to the above mentioned subscription package, there are a few expert modules available on

i)          International Commercial Arbitration

ii)         Intellectual Property

iii)        Global Competition and Antitrust

iv)        Derwant Patent database and many others.

Content Coverage on Westlaw India

Case law: Westlaw International provides unrivalled coverage of case law from across the globe with transcripts, summaries and full text judgments available for hundreds of thousands of cases. Mentioned below is a brief overview of the case laws covered

Coverage includes:

  • India : Supreme court & All high courts, and decisions from 14 tribunals & commissions
  • United Kingdom from 1865 (Sources include
  • European Union cases from 1952
  • Australia from 1903
  • Hong Kong from 1905
  • Canada from 1825

Legislative information for UK, EU and US: Westlaw International provides enactment and in-force details, amendment history and links to related materials across the entire Westlaw International platform. This in-depth, timesaving research tool has a number of in-built features to make your search easier. The information is updated constantly to ensure you have the latest information to hand.

Coverage includes:

  • All central and important state acts form India with updated information on amendments, and other related information, along with circulars & notifications.
  • United Kingdom Statutes from 1267 (fully consolidated)
  • United States Code (both annotated and un-annotated)
  • Comprehensive European Union Legislation
  • Canadian Statutes

Law Reviews & Journals: With over 1,000 key Legal and Business titles available from around the world, majority in full-text, it provides option to click seamlessly through to both cases and legislation cited within an article.

Key sources include:

•    Public Law, – Law Quarterly Review,

•    Criminal Law Review- Harvard Law Review

•    International Arbitration Law Review

•    Canadian Journal of Family Law-

•    European Intellectual Property Review

•    Melbourne University Law Review

•    Civil Justice Quarterly- American Journal of International Law

•    International Company & Commercial Law Review

•    European Human Rights Review

•    EU Focus

Encyclopaedias and commentaries: A key feature of Westlaw International, which is of particular interest, is the availability of encyclopaedias and commentaries.  The encyclopaedias include the well-respected American Jurisprudence, and American Law Reports.

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