Copying in Examination Should be Permitted

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Yogendra Pratap Singh

April 12th, 201112:36 pm

examsPrima Facie, anyone will think that what non-sense topic I have chosen! You also thought same after reading the topic.

India is being modern; think why? Because India copied and now also copying well. Being a law student who can understand this more than me because even the Constitution of India is also compiled not totally made. Copy is not bad thing but copying ‘bad’ is bad thing. Why we Indians do not wear ‘Kurta-Dhoti’ because we copied western culture in dressing.

Alright, I come to the point, why students should be given permission to copy in exams. The whole world is based on copying. If I saw that your pen is good then I will try to buy one like yours. If you saw my shoes looks good you want to buy. What is wrong in copying?

I think, by copying there is a fresh competition what if it is market or it is exams. There should be Right to Similarity.

In the world who is not copying? Then why students are not given permission to copy? There should also be an Act named as Examination Act. In which there should rules and limits for copying in exams.

In Law Universities, Bare Acts are allowed to keep with them in Exams, then why books are not allowed? Books just have details and explanations about Acts and provisions. And the most important thing, why notes are not allowed? It is the whole labour of the year of the students. Most girls write notes more than limit, even if lecturer sneezes, this will be on notes. When the toughest time of study comes, that best weapon has taken away. Is it right?

When I was reading Article 8 of Rules & Regulations for this Blog Post Writing Competition, I shocked. It is damn sure that only students will take part in this competition, even then there are such rules.

In many exams, students try to cheat and sometimes caught also. Why we pronounce ‘cheating’ in exams, why not ‘copy’ in exams. Let’s make the ‘cheating’ as ‘copy’. If cheating in exams will be done openly without fear and with the consent of the system then many parts of Future of India will not be cheater.

You should not take tension about ‘future of India’, ‘future of India’ will be wealthy in future, if his/her parents are politicians. There are examples, I will not take name.

There are many students in my University, who want to join Politics and they have been started their career from University. I think even ministers of GOI are not busy like them. There are many universities, Colleges in India. It seems that India is a ‘Country of Leaders’ and politics of country lives in the hearts of Universities and colleges and in the minds of the students.

Sometimes I think, “Democracy is the rule of fools over the whole public of country.” An IAS officer is suspended by on the will of politician.

Think, scene of India, without copying the things of others. How much backward India will be! And once think a situation, you are in an exam, not a single answer you know and suddenly you find your notes to cheat. This is interesting, is it not? And if you have your notes already with the permission of the examiner, it is more interesting.

Many students are writing, article on various important topics, is it not important? If you think my topic is important and interesting, and if you want to rise this topic ‘like it’.


Article by-

Yogendra Pratap Singh,

Student, B.A.LL.B. (Hons.),

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University,


[Submitted as an entry for the Blog Post Writing Competition, 2011

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