Law, Life, Luck and Losers

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Swati Bala

April 13th, 20118:05 pm

Law and lifeI chose this topic deliberately to share thoughts, most of the law students had nurtured at least once in their student life. The moment we embarked on this exciting cruise of law, we were bombarded with a genuine question – “why we chose to join this legal fraternity?”  The answer will change from dire interest to no interest, or say from compulsion from inside to parents and in some cases, let’s admit the fact that since we could not get admitted in other colleges, so we are here.

Anyways, whatever be the cause, once we are here, every single day has turned into much fun and learning, as we have learned to be envious professionals, epitome of faux morality marked with torrent of foxy and reticent attitude. Today, we hardly trust our friends or batch mates. Our natural and normal days of simplicity are gone, when we were kids and understood things in easy and better manner. Law has added illusion of words and interpretation, like a cobweb, it is infecting us.  Undoubtedly, we are grown up now and needed to be honed in a trained professional, but should we forget ourselves, the basic essence of life and become a dummy professional, so that anyone and everyone can toy with.

It’s truly said that our besetting sin is the fundamentalism, the triumph of letter over our act and conduct. We, the lawyers of future, today preach way beyond than we act on our own preaching. Take for instance, the ethic of not loitering the garbage or scraps here and there, but like a proud Indian and law student, we toss the scraps, beer bottles, cans rakishly in our campus. Second, by default, each of the law students should not take dowry on their marriage, but I fear they will really pay heed to what they were being taught and told of in the classrooms. Same bunch of people, ask them to debate on any ethical, moral or law topic, on which they will go on arguing to win their battle, but the actual execution always falls short of those arguments. We are grown up to say aloud but not to that extent to stand to our own words. Examples are multifarious in everybody’s life, it just need some realisation that when we attempt to champion any issue, we should first inculcate that rule in our lives.  There goes a moral story like, a man wished to improve and mend entire humanity and asked the God to bestow such power on him. A year passed, but there was no change. Again, that person requested God to change at least his kinsfolk however unluckily; his kinsfolk also remained the same. In the end that person wish to change him, to which God replied that “had you thought to change yourself in the first year itself, you would not have to waste two precious years in thinking about others.” So, change yourself first, and then expect the same from others.

Another troubling and upsetting thought pertains to the great law firms and companies, who would not like normal students (in sense, one who has no jack, mediator, or kind of ‘mai baap’ in this field) to even intern in their organisation. One has to call them doggedly, mail them every other day and literally beg to sale yourself in the market. If, we at last get through the confirmation and with the feeling of security in our mind and gallant in our heart goes to venture into the internship, all our expectations are washed off by the treatment and partisanship of these law firms. Point to be noted down that it does not happen in every law firm, but in most of them the situation lies similar and identical. Often we are asked to do clerical job, or on such subjects, which we have not chosen as our interest areas. Besides, people from famed NLUs get separate treatment, since it is presumed already that they must be some brilliant minds. Further, the situation is no better, when we talk about placements and jobs. It won’t be unnecessary to mention that such students of elite class get higher packages compared to students from not so-well recognised colleges or universities for holding the same post. Today, one must be aware of the fact that sons of great judges are turning into either great judges or great lawyers and they are getting robust patronage from their line of ancestors. This favouritism has deprived us of our meritocracy and if it continues, we will sooner be on the track of mediocrity.

My intention is not to deliver sermon to do a complete makeover in this profession; it’s just to refreshen ourselves to be a bit more realistic to ourselves, towards other, society and law. Law is just not a piece of paper, which need to be parroted always. Law, everybody knows has its roots in the people’s lives and experiences only.  Live up the life of law and we should be the forerunners to hold its sanctity and use it as tool, to benefit us including every other being.  And how law firms should start realising and valuing students on their merits and not their status is a tentative question and though we may not be a part of that elite class to extend that line of glitter further but we can always draw another line of trends of simplicity and brilliance. The battle is tough but not impenetrable and impossible to win.

“Those who think we can, they definitely can”


Article by-

Swati Bala (4th Year student)

Chanakya National Law University,


“[Submitted as an entry for the Blog Post Writing Competition, 2011]”


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