Yes, There is difference between Kidnapping and Abduction!

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In general spoken and written English we do not usually pay attention to the difference between two similar terms and use them interchangeably. Kidnapping and abduction are such two terms which are are generally used as synonyms but in the eyes of law they have different meanings-

Difference in a nutshell

Kidnapping– Removing a minor away from lawful custody without the guardian’s consent. The victim has to be a minor. The offence of kidnapping is punishable under Indian Penal Code.

AbductionForcefully compelling a person to go from any place deceitfully. The victim could be a major or a minor. In India, under the Indian Penal Code, abduction is not punishable in itself. It must be accompanied with some other listed offences.

(This article is meant only for general understanding and must not be assumed to be precise legal difference between kidnapping and abduction. If you are looking for a detailed difference then please refer to Orissa High Court’s decision in the case of  – Abhaya Jena v.State of Orissa, (1997) Crimes 531 (Ori))

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