Reservation Policy in India

The word reservation stands for the act of reserving or keeping back or withholding from disclosure from normal crowd apart from the beneficiaries.

In this blog we are talking about the policy of reservation of seats in the Educational Institutes , Judiciary or Higher Civil Services , Politics , etc. for the relatively backward considered communities , today popularly and proudly known as OBC/SC/STs .

Reservation was introduced to bring an equality in between the Upper , Middle and Lower class societies by upgrading the standard of Living , Literacy and Posts of Lower and Backward considered classes .

Let us start the discussion from the very basic i.e. Education. Almost all the Educational Institutes provide reservations to the backward and scheduled classes of the society in the form of seat allotment and financial aids.

In our most prestigious institutes like IITs , 27% , 15% and 7.5% of the total seats are reserved for OBC , SC and STs .

Where one student who is meritorious but didn’t get a seat due to some backward class student who didn’t even study well enough to deserve it. It causes two evils , one is that the meritorious student fails and his career that could have been much better , degrades and secondly our society which deserved a better engineer is replaced by an Idiot MORON.

You yourself can judge what harm is done. One who deserved that seat , who could have been a good engineer today is might be a Fruit seller and who does not even the ABCD of engineering is Hired to build the nation.

After this phase of life , when a person enters the earning world , then also he is cursed by reservation if he belongs to General category and blessed by reservation if he is an OBC/SC/ST.

For ex :- In our very own Higher Civil Services , 27.5% , 15% and 7.5% of the seats are reserved for OBC , SC and STs respectively. Higher Civil Services require high presence of mind ,and sharp minds , whereas in our competitive exams the cut-off for General Category is 60% of marks and that of OBC , SC , STs are about 30%. They just have to secure half the marks of a General category person and they clarify the exam.

Same evils are produced again i.e. career of meritorious person degrades and the society has to be run by an Idiot who was not even able to clarify the entrance without QUOTA.

In brief we can say that Quota system which was introduced to bring EQUALITY , is now creating differences . Also , it is Laming the backward classes because they take it for granted that education and jobs are already being fixed for them and they will surely get it . They don’t study , they don’t work hard , they don’t deserve what is being reserved for them .

I have a question in my mind , which you people have to comment on :-

Government says everybody is equal for them , then why the hell it provides extra facilities to OBC/SC/STs ?And on the contrary side if government says OBC/SC/STs are below the standard classes , then why the Generals are forced to treat them as equals?

Else , if government says that OBC/SC/STs are under privileged , they are poor , etc , then may I ask that does only OBC/SC/ST people are poor ?What about General Category poor people ? And what about the wealthy OBC/SC/STs families , why are they offered Quota ??

The other thing I want to say is if the reservation benefit is provided to a beneficiary ,then he becomes almost equal to all others. Then why he is provided Quota for rest of his life in all issues?

For ex :- if a person is admitted to IIT on basis of reservation , then why he gets scholarship also?

On the other hand , if a person is selected for a job (ex civil service) on basis of reservation , after that for all his life he gets promotion over the other candidates?

What I wanted to say is that once they have been benefitted then they should not be given preferences all the time on the cost of other persons.

I also want to know that why government thinks that only OBC/SC/STs are needy? Aren’t the General Caste poor people in need of help?

OBC/SC/STs  get food commodities , accommodation ,etc for relatively very cheap prices , then may I know why this discrimination is done in between the poor people?

I will feel my goal to be achieved, if you people got my point . Please share your views and comment on it.

Now , I will suggest some points to abolish this menace from the society::

Firstly, all types of Quotas should be abolished.

Secondly, for all poor families or Below Poverty Line families education should be free of cost at least till intermediate (12th).

Our government spends only 2% of GDP on educational sector that should be increased in order to facilitate education to poor people.

Thirdly, instead of reserving the seats in Educational Institutions , it can provide scholarships or full economical aid to OBC/SC/STs ,that could be a better option.

Fourthly, fix a small amount of percentage profit o higher income earning people , that can be used for economical aids.

Fifthly, in my opinion job reservations should completely be removed because services to the country should be on the basis of quality and ability and not on the basis of caste , in order to provide the best services to the nation.

In last I want to conclude that quota system is a bug to our society as it is creating differences and rebellion or hatred feeling in Generals against OBC/SC/STs  and government too.

This was proved in the very beginning , when the Reservation was added to the constitution, because the people were not satisfied with this as proved by their demonstrations and strikes . Since it was violating the “Righht to Equality” which says no person in the country shall be judged on the basis of his caste , colour,  sex or race. But reservation violated this rule and forced the Indian government to change this fundamental law.

So our government should create some measures by that this whole story of RESERVATION can be justified to all.




Article by-

Shivendra Singh Rana

Student, B.Tech (Automotive Design Engineer)

University Of Petroleum And Energy Studies, Dehradun

[Submitted as an entry for the Blog Post Writing Competition,2011]

By Competition2011 on April 26, 2011 · Posted in Constitutional Law

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shivendra singh rana says:

frnz plz leave ur cmnts here n temme wat do u think about dis …

Posted on April 30th, 2011

vivek rana says:

quota system is a curse to our country….

Posted on May 2nd, 2011

stranger says:

bro,In this blog u have written that the obc’s,sc’s or st’s are idiots.They didn’t even know abcd of engineering.Then just let me tell U.That u r the biggest idiot to write this kind of stupid blog.U think that without studying about engineering U can previously have the knowledge of engineering.Do u know that about 70.77% of the sc’s,obc’s,st’s.Don’t have the money enough to study engineering but they more willingness to study than u.I have one last question for u.How many hours do u spend daily for studying as an engineering student??.just talking about u.
The guys u r telling idiots,I can bet that 99.99% of them studies more than on their daily basis.
U do not have the right to write these stupid things about the st’s,sc’s and obc’s.

Posted on May 4th, 2011

Anonymous says:

Lamest article ever you should study humanities and sociology.

Posted on May 3rd, 2011

shivendra says:

sir u gt it all wrng…all obcs etc r nt adresd here….d one who occupies a seat of a meritorious student …wt shud v cl him “angel”???
An sc/st hvin 1lac rank in eee gets a govt clg where a general studnt hving 15 thousand rank has to get his head burstd 4 it…to qualify xamz sc’s need vry less % of cut off …why?

N u talkin bou money…k…u knw dat 70 % sc’s dnt hv money to study so wt bout gnrl poor? Wo sab ameer hote h kya?
Secndly…apne quota systm ko paiso se kaise relate kia…i totaly dnt undrstnd…
Mtlb agar apke pas paise nai h to kisi ko b uthake admsn dedo…chahe use kuch ata ho ya na ata ho…crazzzzy….
getng scholarshp Or offering money to poors is nt bad acrdng to me …bt use deservng b hona chahiye….

Posted on May 6th, 2011

isha tripathi says:

i agree with every sentence of your article. why should sc/st/obc be promoted at the cost of general them reservation degrades their intellectual level as well because those under reservation category do not work hard enough as they do not need to score so much. apart from this those who really need reservation dont get it

Posted on September 20th, 2011

Manjunath Y J says:

First of all Mr Rana, I think this article was written with lots of emotion.I would say the things you have mentioned are correct but use of words should have been controlled.

My opinion is that “Reservation policy based in caste is a Curse to INDIA”
Yes, reservations needs to be given. But only based on financial status of a person but not on caste.

I will narate a example : One of my friend is a SC and his father is a Government official : he paid just 5 rs as exam fees for diploma exams ( We usually pay “Tips” of 5rs in a hotel) and one of my other friend is a brahmin and his father is a Fitter (fitting arrangement racks) and he had pay 200 Rs as exam fees ( one day salary of a sole working men in family). Now tell me what is correct.

But our politicians will never hear these things as they are only behind vote banks.

Lets wait , will india have situation as Egypt. God knows.

Posted on February 10th, 2012

anand says:

my dear friend u should study human growth and development, getting to educate for the first generation is very hard, because they are the first one’s to go to school, if the government takes care of the primary education in a qualitative manner, then i don’t think you will call the oppressed sections as idiots. my dear friend even the educated sc, st’s and obc do not like the reservation policy the way it is being implemented but still their are educated fools who are stressing on the present manner of reservation implementation and do not want to change.

Posted on April 10th, 2012

shivendra rana says:

@anand sir,
cn u ansr me smthn….
if govt is itself doin partiality in d name f castes n creeds….den how cn it ask us for doin equality ????

@ evry bdy who suports rsrvatn::
temme if ur car gets damaged sm how…..der r two persons in front of u … general caste merit holder(90%) but sub engineer and one sc (40%) chief engineer…whom wud u prefer to correct d problem f ur car ???
d one who can answr deserves reseration ….lolz

Posted on June 6th, 2012

divya says:

hi sir,
ur article very nice. it is 100% true .Not all generals are rich who cannot afford money to study and yet study very well. the reservation policy must be completely removed.i completely agree with your point about government issue which says “right to equality” and still discriminate in this democratic country.

Posted on July 31st, 2012

Varun says:

Brother i would suggest dont waste ur time posting these blogs.. its just frustrating, nothing else… I am a gen cat PSU bank PO, my dear ST PO colleague, was asking me, to whom should the customer address an application to, if wants any alteration in an account? Bro is it not simple and clear that and application should be addressed to a manager not only in a bank but also elsewhere… kya karoge bhai “ramchandra kah gaye siya se aisa kalyug ayega, hans chunega dana aur kaua moti khayega” dost ye kalyug hai… mera suggestion hoga apko bas… padhiye aur govt job lijiye,, yahi muhtor jawab hoga in so called rich reserved category angels. And moreover sarkar ki bhi majboori hai dost, they want vote… dont fight there is no use… they are in majority… remember democracy is for fools by fools and of fools… NO OFFENCES TO ANYONE HERE.

Posted on July 31st, 2012

urvi says:

i want to know about the reservation policy. do the or bc and freedom fighter category people get the double benefit ?????
if they get higher merit, are they can be then considered in general category and the next candidates belonging to the bc or freedom fighter category. kindly guide if anybody has the answer of this question

Posted on October 6th, 2012


rana sir,
i totaly agree with u..!it is a golden saying that if a person gives it’s best, he/she will definately achieve his/her goal… but what when even if a person tries its best and the undeserving one takes its place….
acc. 2 me reservation should be only on the basis of financial status rather than on the basis of caste, creed, gender etc….

Posted on January 2nd, 2014