Women’s Reservation Bill is finally lined up for the Lok Sabha

February 27th, 20105:23 pm @    

indian-womenThe Union Cabinet finally approved the much disputable Women’s Reservation Bill which provides for 33% reservation to women in Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies. The bill is likely to be presented to the Parliament in this session itself.

The bill has already been presented in Rajya Sabha in the year 2008 and is property of Rajya Sabha. Now the Business Advisory Committee will decide when to present the bill in the Lok Sabha.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Women empowerment has put up a special request to the President to hold the discussion on the bill on March 8 so as to mark the centenary of International Women’s Day.

There has been a lot of controversy over the proposed bill since last 12 years. Samajwadi party and Janta Dal(united) have been opposing and delaying the bill constantly over their demand of sub-quota for OBC women.

There is a lot of gung ho over the bill in the ‘pro-bill’ lobby whereas the opposers have rolled up their sleeves to give a good fight. We are yet to see how the drama unfolds in the parliament considering the fact that the hon’ble speaker of the lok sabha happens to be a woman herself!

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