Why Westlaw India is the Best Online Legal Research Service Provider?

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westlaw indiaThe ability to conduct Online Legal Research is one of the essential qualities of a Lawyer in the 21st Century. The primary purpose of legal research is to-

  • Locate authorities and Statutes
  • Look for Case Laws and precedents
  • Find relevant material for academic research
  • Update knowledge by accessing journals and books

Online Legal Research lightens the work load and saves a lot of time and energy. With few mouse clicks you get access to thousands of Books, Journals, Cases, Reports, Statutes, Law reviews, etc.

There are many online legal research services available over the web which usually charge an annual subscription fee and give unlimited access to all the available content.

In India, ‘Westlaw India’ is pioneering the online legal research services and goes by the address- WestlawIndia.com.

Westlaw India is successfully rendering services to numerous academic institutions, Law Firms, Lawyers etc. Westlaw combines trustworthy legal and regulatory materials from renowned content providers such as Sweet & Maxwell, Indlaw.com, Thomson West, Lawbook Co and Carswell.

This Subscription based service gives you access to editorially enhanced and highly reliable material. Ranging from Case Law, Legislation, Law Reviews, Treaties, and Directories organized by topical and jurisdictional libraries to Legal Updates alerts, Encyclopedias and commentaries, it serves as perfect package and fulfills all the requirements.

The interface is user friendly and is specially created for Practitioners in India. It contains primary and secondary sources from India, United Kingdom, EU, United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa. Also covered are over a 1000 law reviews & journals from all over the world, particularly the US and the UK like Public Law, Law Quarterly Review, Fleet Street Report and encyclopedias such as the American Jurisprudence,Corpus Juris Secundum, Restatements and the American Law Reports. More importantly there are linkages between Indian and UK cases as well as links between Indian cases and legislations.

Please follow this link to read a detailed article on resources available on Westlaw India. To speak to a Westlaw representative call 1800 266 0288 or drop in a mail to Ms. Lipika Malhan (Operations Manager at Westlaw India) at lipika.malhan[at]thomsonreuters[dot]com.

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