Tweets and Status Messages can be used as Evidences!

February 6th, 20109:19 pm @    

Recent amendment to the Information and Technology Act makes status messages and tweets admissible as evidences in the court of law.

The reckless use of social networking sites might land you up in deep trouble. An impromptu message over sites such as facebook, twitter, orkut etc. May get you arrested, fired or divorced.  The amended  section 79 of the IT Act will make the content admissible as electronic form of evidence if the case demands.

The onus of unappropriate content over such networking sites lies exclusively on the user. The website administration/management has protection from penal action against hosting such content under Sec 79 of the Act.

This will be pretty strong weapon for people who have  been targets of obscene comments on such websites. Whereas this might prove a disaster when your employer fires you because of some cheeky comment you posted on your public profile. Also it might lead to arrest  if one dares to post malicious messages (an Gurgaon IT Professional was arrested for making an obcene comment against Congress leader Sonia Gandhi on his Orkut account.)

But this amendment will be a extremely useful tool for tightening the leash around people who go a little over board on the name of social networking.

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