Crime Against Innocence

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India which is known for its patriarchal form of society has two very sensitive parts of it i.e. women and children. Though they are everywhere regarded as a special area of concern but in India the concern is of a bit high level. Whenever any bill is passed the law makers never fail at giving an important place to women and children in the provision. Let us take an example of article 14 which speaks of right to equality. According to this article all persons should be treated equally but together with this we have article 15 too which gives a right to state and allows it to make special provisions for women, children and for backward classes too.

But have you ever made a thought over it and asked yourself a simple question. WHY?? Why are these people treated so specially? Why is there a need to make special laws and provisions for them? Why are they “THE EXCEPTIONS” always? Who made them a sensitive part of society? The answer to all these riddles is just one… SOCIETY!!! None other than this. our very own society where we live.

Through this article I am giving a special emphasis on children’s condition in today’s world. It is so easy to define “a child”. Literally, child is a human being who is not an adult. But to be a bit elaborative, child is a small creation of the universe who is most innocent, who can play and fight hard, study a lot, talk infinitely, smile cutely, laugh out loud, cry badly and does everything that an immature person can do. A person is a child unless he is mature. We can see them ta our homes, we can see them on streets playing but is that the whole reality that we see??? No! Besides this we can find them at orphanages, we can see them in hospitals fighting with death, we can see them thrown in dustbins, begging on streets, working in hazardous factories and many such places where their childhood is buried up completely. Every day we see and hear news about someone being murdered or raped, kidnapped or abducted. But we must know that many of the times the innocent children are centered against these crimes. And the irony is that the children are subjected to the crimes without a single fault. It is too obvious. Why will an innocent be murdered? There cannot be any reason behind it but when the whole story is out we find that so and so person killed a child with the intention of taking revenge from his parents or because the child did not behave properly etc. well! There are many such insane people who can kill others for just no reason. Murder is just another game for them.

The ratio of child murder is reaching heights day by day. An innocent creature is deprived of his life unnecessarily. The very famous nithari facts are not hidden from anyone wherein two men named surinder singh and moninder singh were accused of molestation of 50 lives. It is not a small number at all. When we common people hear about death of just one child it becomes difficult for us to control our emotions but here it is 50 lives and why was this done?? To fulfill their sexual urge. UNBELIEVABLE…  anyway, let’s not go to deeper into case studies because if I start doing that there will be numerous cases coming out revealing the commitment of various heinous crimes which one can’t even think of. There is a brand new example i.e. Major Singh’s case where this man was held for committing rape of a 6 months old girl child, a child who entered this world just 6 months ago, who yet did not know how to speak, how to call out for help, how to talk and walk. Where her mother was celebrating her birth, gets the news of her child being RAPED! Isn’t that ridiculous? Well, not for these criminals who do not think even once before committing such crimes. This was one of the highlighted case but everyday newspapers are full of news about girls of 10 year old, 14 year old, or 17 year old raped. People do not pay attention to such news not because they aren’t grievous but because they are used to it now. These are common news for them. It is a part of their day to day life, to be sarcastic. Newspapers seem to be empty without them.

Till now the questions remains same! What is the fault of these children? And the most shameful thing we come across is India’s capital state ranks the highest a far as these crimes are concerned. Now what else can we expect from other places. Every alternate day children are heard to be abducted. What for? Money? Now are people not left with even this much humanity that they can get the guts to kill a child just to have money or to convert them into beggars by depriving them of their body parts and throwing them on streets. In many places girls are kidnapped and sold for the purpose of prostitution. Is that digestible at all??

Till now we were talking about outsiders who are responsible for such offences but they aren’t the only ones. Children are subjected to crimes in their own houses too. Parents who are against the birth of a girl child or those who suffer from poverty and do not want a child throw him in a dustbin right after its birth or abort it well… why shouldn’t they? Science has made so many technologies and our people very well know how to misuse them. What else can be said about these old and meaningless misconceptions that people still hold in this modern world? Our children who should be the safest suffer from maximum risks at both inside the house and outside. But I want to ask why should a child suffer because of his parents’ fault?

I won’t wholly throw the blame on our legislation because as per my view legislation does the best it can. We have laws for controlling almost all kinds of crimes. Problem lies not with making of laws but with their execution and awareness. We do have a central monitoring commission that monitors crimes against children under the juvenile justice act. It was amended in the year 2000 but it is also very much true that the committee has not met even once since the amendment. Now this is the condition of our executive system. To eradicate these evils from our worlds the first and foremost thing to be done is to create awareness. In big cities people are aware up to a certain level but such high crime rates reveal that maximum people are yet to be ware. In backward areas and villages people do not even know the meaning of the word LAW. We educated people have this responsibility towards our people, our state, our country and children to inform them, to make them aware about the laws made in their favor, about the laws that have been made against the crimes that cease our children to lead a normal and healthy life. It is our duty to do more then something to help prevent these life taking threats from occupying a major place in our society.



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