The Questions of Personal Liberty

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21st June, Tuesday evening, I was going through THE INDIAN EXPRESS. Temperature- burning, trees all around but not a single leave seems to be delighted, but as always I was here sitting in the balcony enjoying my cup of tea, as my mom always says “tea makes you feel fresh” & tea and a newspaper make the best pair. Now, to enjoy the company of this enlightening couple I began to just turn the large pages of THE INDIAN EXPRESS. The same old menu that my stomach is bored of contains the pages. But as I went on… hey what’s that, my lucky number pg. no. 9, huge article- issues before the court in pre-trial hearing in 2G spectrum case. Wow! Laziness says… move on! But the humor part in me instructs… go for it girl! No birds chirping, no air around, not a leaf dancing, silence everywhere. Therefore I chose to make the moment a bit interesting & what did I find in there??? Prisoners fighting for their personal liberty. The wrong doers claiming justice. Great!

Kanimozhi- Asif BalwaAsif Balwa needs an ipad in jail, unbelievable. Somebody please tell him it’s a jail, unlike a guest house where all of a sudden one realizes that something’s missing or a thing you are in need of is absent and you want us to get it. Many of the prisoners intelligently applied to have their food in quiet corners. Why? Aren’t they all like the others who have their food with their other prisoner friends? I don’t think & I guess nobody thinks that you are a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON when jails have you. Why do these people want to have the food in a “quiet” corner when they were responsible for “shattering” the whole country? They are in jail because they deserve it. They are suffering because they made our country suffer. And as our court says… “Sovereign has suffered”. When you are in hell that means you were the one who chose for it & you agreed to all the terms & conditions as soon as you committed the crime.

As I move down, I take along the tension on my forehead, anger on my nose but still   a laugh on my lips… & then come another attack. Kani mozi needs bail! Pity you kani mozi! The answer to the question why is… because she is a women. Now the statement speaks for itself. She is a women but she did not show even a spoonful of shame before she opted to be a part of the scandal. Oh I see… she must have put a though over her father being a dignitary, he won’t let her happen anything but sad news waiting for the corrupt people that our judicial system has not lost it yet. I remember reading news one or two pages back about another defence that she has a son and no mother shall be deprived to be with her child. But let me remind you honey there is little difference between you and other mothers. I can just pity the child.

As I come to the end of the news some thoughts keep tickling my mind… why such questions of personal liberty are raised? When a person is sent to jail it simply means that he is kept in a place that is far away from the world, the whole society. He is boycotted and punished. He shall be deprived of all the rights & liberties for the offences he has committed and here comes the high time that they need to be suffering for it. If these people are asking for such useless things why don’t they go and file a case for being a victim of wrongful confinement. But yes! One thing still gives me a sigh of relief that our judges know their duties & have handled it all in the best way they should have.

Oops! The tea is done & lights getting dim but the leaves, birds and temperature are all same!

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