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Somebody has rightly said that ‘struggle never ends’. Initially we struggle to get into a reputed law school and subsequently we struggle to acquire internships in reputed law firms while pursuing legal studies. However, we all face a chaotic situation and consequently we need to decide what actually our aim is. Now let’s come to the point .We all wonder about our future in the arena of law. According to veterans in the field of law to whom I have personally interacted have guided me and given me an opportunity to decide among the different choices available after completing law.

As soon as you are done with your law school, some major options available to you are-

– Join a law firm as an associate

– Work under a good lawyer as a junior and learn the practical concepts and various aspects of practice.

– Join as legal advisor in corporate organization as there is huge demand of legal advisors.

There are many other choices available which are subject to personal interest. But reality is that in good law firms an associate is required to work for more than twelve hours a day. But then they pay accordingly. In law firms your work basically involves drafting and conveyance of legal documents. However, pleading is generally not included as part of your work but in litigation firms you may be allowed to actually appear in the court after you have attained seniority in your firm.

However, when you practice as an independent advocate your work involves client counseling, drafting, pleading and conveyancing. So in other words you can say that working as an advocate is comprehensive but its complete in itself. Even the workload is upto your own discretion. But to establish you as an advocate requires time and diligence. So it will be better if you get placed in any law firm or as an associate initially and after acquiring practical knowledge and experience you can move on and start your own independent practice. Initially accepting a high paying law firm job would also make you financially secure and you will be able to start independent practice without any hassle.

These days there are posts of legal advisors and law officers in every corporate and governmental organization and there is a lot of scope in these sectors subject to performance of the individual and his track record. Many lawyers are appointed on tender basis by government departments.

Being a judge is a matter of honour and responsibility.  In case you are interested getting into judiciary then you need to clear the examination process (separate exam for each state’s services) that includes Preliminary exam, main papers and Personal interview. If you make it through the process you get trained in the judicial academies and ultimately get appointed as a civil judge.

However, the emerging global economy has thrown open a gamut of career options for law graduates. I would like to list the major options here-

  1. International Law firms
  2. Indian law firms
  3. Consulting and Advisory Companies
  4. MNCs and Corporate Legal Departments
  5. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs)
  6. NGOs and Global Organizations
  7. Higher education in World’s best Universities

As a law student myself, I know that at times you may be worried and confused regarding your career choices. But if you give your best today, your future will be fruitful. Focus and sedulousness are most important elements which help in achieving success.


Here are some quotes which you may find interesting and motivating-

“If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake but if you die poor, it’s your mistake”.

“Born with personality is an accident but dying in a personality is an achievement”.

“Your birth may be normal but your death should be history”.

“Like all trust few”.

“Follow none but learn from every one”.

“Practice like a devil and play like an angel”.

“Do or die is an old concept, DO BEFORE U DIE IS NEW CONCEPT “.

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Mr. Aniket Pandey is pursuing BBA.LLB (Corporate Laws) from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun.

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