Femina Magazine Relaunch Campaign- The ‘Femina Blogger Bee’ Title

August 8th, 201112:46 pm @    

This post is something very different from the regular articles at MightyLaws. But I believe that all the female readers who are proud to consider themselves as a ‘Femina Woman’ would definitely be interested in what I have here. 🙂

With “For all the women you are” Femina’s new brand campaign, The Femina magazine has chosen to put the spotlight on the modern Indian woman’s expanding roles & changing equations at her Home, Workplace, Social space, Personal life & the Online space. They have selected 10 female bloggers excelling in the fields of Beauty, Travel, Society, Books etc and titled them as ‘Femina Blogger Bees’. I am glad to inform you that I have been selected as one among them for my articles on MightyLaws.in. It is a whole new experience when the Femina team contacted me for this title 🙂 Here is the link to the Femina Facebook page featuring the ‘Blogger Bees’

Anurag Basu has shot an amazing video featuring Kalki Koechlin celebrating the relaunch campaign.


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