Bomb Blasts.. A Cruel Reality

February 20th, 20122:33 pm @    

12 dead, 200 injured; government issued a nationwide alert; condolosense given to victims by home minister; PM said, culprits will be punished. This is all we hear after we get shaken by the bomb blasts. Ministers visiting the blast area, speech by the Prime Minister, promises made by government have all become a daily thing. Why say when you do not mean it? Why promise, when you do not intend to fulfill it? Blast in a train, blast in a bus, blast in a temple, blast in a court, can anyone tell me which place can we citizens fearlessly go to? Every step taken outside the house gives insecurity and covers the mind with all the evil consequences that could take place. All we can do is TAKE THE RISK!! After all “it is not possible to stop every blast” say our ministers… ofcaurse it is not, it would have been if your life was at risk. 12 to 15 people die in every blast that takes place but how does that matter, India has enough population yet to vote for you.

After some days these bomb blast stories may become old for those who were fortunate and lucky enough not to be a victim but for those who had suffered and are still suffering, who are no more between us, who are still not out of the grief of losing their loved ones, for them the incident will remain a black spot of their life forever. Mind sometimes becomes so allergic and unfriendly towards the government that it imagines having a better life without the so called “government”. Had there been no government at all, “we the people” would have screwed all the “kasabs” who have made the journey of life no less then hell and no such person would ever dare to be a hurdle in our lives. The “so careful” attitude of our choices towards the attacks does nothing but encourages the heartless attackers to repeat the attacks just like another game. Give so much liberty to us sir, and we will show you what these people deserve. If these people deserve so much mercy then why are all the other prisoners inside the jail? To my respected government I have a kind request that is to make a thought over the blood of those who died and tears of those who lost due to the weak and effect less promises made by them. We really wish you could actually do what you actually say.

Innocents dying and guilty ones enjoying… harsh reality of world it has become! Months ago the blast that took place at Delhi high court almost made many people skipped their breath. Among the 12 people who died, was a 21 year old young boy, intern at the court, also was deprived of his life mercilessly. Imagine nothing but the mind of the boy which was full of the dreams, the desires, the future, the life but little did he knew that the path he was on will lead him not to a bright future but a a room with nothing but darkness… nothing but death! The boy is a a tiny example there were people standing in the queue of justice, fighting for years and waiting for their life to become a better thing to live but just a span of seconds and all those hopes and wishes shattered into red pieces, the only thing left was, minister visits, televisions with an another news and houseful hospitals. All we can do is, pray for their soul to rest in peace and beloved one to stay strong and face reality. Well, this is what we have chosen, the question that remains intact is, whom are we supposed to rely upon? We see, hear, and vote, the result is, deaths, promises broken, and condolosense eventually. The ironical query of life is when the terrorist are so determined and adamant at its tasks and ideas, why isn’t our government? When will the bloodshed stop, and the government start?

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