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When I was a child, they used to scare me. The very thought of they being around was abhorrent. But as the time passed, I realized that they are also humans, though a bit different from us. Yes, I am talking about “eunuchs”, the group of people who are being denied their rights just because they are disparate. They live in a strange, sad world pertaining to the catastrophe they have gone through. They are being abandoned by their families and are forced to spend their entire life begging on the streets, local trains, traffic signals, etc. Lipsticks and powder are their regular items. Their ill-fitted blouses and colorful saris make them awesomely unique as they walk the streets for their livelihood. Colourful, loud, stranger than any fiction, with more fictitious  rumours about them than facts. This the story of eunuchs. Unhonoured they remain. Unsung they live. And unwept they die.

We avoid talking about this issue but how many of us are concerned about the suffering these people? Let’s confront it, none of us. Each one of us knows that eunuchs are being disowned, neglected, ridiculed, disgusted, assaulted, raped and even murdered but we prefer keeping mum. Instead of fighting for their rights, we force them to lead a miserable life. The society tries every possible way to create a hurdle in their way in leading a normal life. What can be more apathetic then the fact that they are not even allowed to earn their living.  Their survival is through begging, entertaining in marriages/parties, blessing newly born child, prostitution, or other illegal jobs. The reason for such diabolical behavior is straight and simple because our God didn’t wake up on the wrong side of his bed unlike theirs.

Our Constitution talks about Justice, equality, dignity, and liberty but Eunuchs have been drowned in the hollowness of these words. We live in a world of gender denial which defies the very sense of decency and humanity. Millions of such souls in our country lead lifeless lives. The government has taken few steps to bridge this gap. In passports, ration cards, and other utility forms O (for other sex) or E (for Eunuch) has been added under the ‘sex’ category. The government is also planning to offer monthly pensions to the members of this community which is a great step but still, a lot needs to be done. The mentality of the people needs to be changed either by educational efforts or general awareness. Not only this but the members of transgender group should identify the ‘Laxmi Narayan Tripathi’ in them and fight for their existence just as she did. The Story of Laxmi, who is constantly working for the welfare of her clan, or Shabnam mausi, who has created the history by being elected as an MP of Madhya Pradesh should be an eye opener to change the mental psyche that it’s time not keep them isolate or mock them in the public places, but to accept them as normal beings.

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Prachi is a final year student pursuing BA.LLB from Mody Institution of Technology and Sciences, Rajasthan. Her interests include reading and legal writing. She thoroughly enjoys dancing and singing and is an active participant in dramatics.

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