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About MightyLaws –

“Ignorance of law is not an Excuse!”

The idea of this website is simplifying the Indian laws to create a better understanding about them among people in general. Its purpose is to make everyone aware about legal do’s and dont’s.

MightyLaws was created in the year 2010 with the intention to serve the society by spreading Legal Awareness. Gradually, the team expanded when students (primarily from Law colleges) across the country joined the initiative by contributing articles regularly as Authors at MightyLaws.

Today, MightyLaws has emerged as a major force supported by thousands of readers who are benefiting from legal news, updates, concepts, amendments, enactments and socio-legal issues published and discussed at MightyLaws.

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Editorial team

Nikita Anand ( Co-Founder and Managing Editor)

Nikita is a lawyer/author residing in Delhi. She believes that increasing legal awareness is the key to ensure social justice and simplification of law is the means to achieve it. She writes articles on social and political issues for various platforms in English and Hindi.

Email: nikita[at]mightylaws[dot]in

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Akshata Namjoshi

Akshata is an expert in Corporate and Finance Law, serving as a lawyer with a law firm in Dubai. She regularly writes for various journals and blogs.

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Namit Raizada

Namit is an Advocate practicing at the Supreme Court of India. He has co-authored three books on procedural law. With regular publications in newspapers and other portals, he has gained wide readership.

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Nikita Mishra

Nikita is an Advocate practicing commercial litigation in the High Court of Bombay. She has always been academically inclined, authoring various papers and also served on the editorial board of NLIU Law Review.

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