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June 6, 2011


As I write this, I recollect (I’m sure you would too) those days in the childhood when folklores about witches and sorcery used to be a subject of both, my curiosity and fright. Gone were those days, as there were better things to focus upon, until recently, when I stumbled upon the prevalent inhuman practice […]

June 4, 2011


After reading an interesting editorial piece by Justice Markandey Katju of the Supreme Court, the debate between the media’s freedom of expression and the media’s responsibility has got me thinking on where exactly one should strike the balance. A corollary to this question is whether there should be a balance? The freedom of the media […]

June 3, 2011


Delay and heavy workloads in the courts have resulted in the informal system of pre-trial bargaining and settlement in the western countries, especially in the united states the system is commonly known as plea bargaining . A suspect may be advised to admit part or all the crimes charged in return for a specified punishment […]

June 3, 2011


Introduction: The British ruled India for about two hundred long years.Even after they retreated , they left an indelible mark on the mind of the young India, whether it be in the form of legislations, their culture or most importantly the craze for westernization. We are always in the hoarde of aping the west be […]

June 3, 2011


INTRODUCTION The constitution of India guarantees equal rights to all citizens irrespective of race,gender, religion, and other considerations and the “directive principle of state policy” as stated in Indian constitution obligate the government to provide to all citizens a  minimum standard, the promise has not been fulfilled. The greater majority of Indian people have no […]

June 3, 2011

Comments Off on Stricter Animals Laws in India

Need for abolition of vivisection In India, there are several laws to protect the interest of Animals, most prominent being the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. But there is a lack of adequate infrastructure for the proper implementations of the provisions. Moreover many of the provisions appear to be redundant and non applicable […]

June 3, 2011

Comments Off on Right to Education- A Shattered Dream of Many

Chotu is a child of a small village of majri in Rajasthan, he dreams to go school, he watches children going to school with there bags but he does not know that his this dream will never get fulfilled. He works on a roadside dhaba serving tea to tired people who come to his fathers […]

June 2, 2011


Women face injustice and violence throughout the world, from the practice of female genital mutilation in Africa to the acts of sexual abuse in Mexico. But the undeclared winner of brutality against women is one of the largest democratic country in the world, India. Many women are being murdered almost every day in India by […]

June 1, 2011


India is clearly burning and the issue that is silently becoming a grave concern is “honour killing”. It is such a concern not only because it kills 100 people every year, but because it shows the primitive mindsets we still carry. Honour is the most precious moral attribute of mankind. Defence of honour even at […]

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