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May 28, 2011


INTRODUCTION:- Among all kinds of satisfactions human being enjoy, sex always occupies higher position and a casual physical need of every human being at certain saturated age period. The world being male dominated, where men are the earning members, Women are always being suppressed and are dependent. But the scenario now has changed up to a […]

May 28, 2011


Many people confuse digital signature with digital certificate but actually it is not the same. A digital signature is an electronic signature issued by an authority after appropriate verification. The reason for the verification is to make the digital or electronic signature authentic. A digital signature has many advantages. Firstly, it is portable. Secondly, it […]

May 28, 2011


This article deals with adoption and its changing trends, with special attention given to single motherhood and the reactions that they get from the society and jurists. A growing tribe of unmarried and financially independent women choose adoption as the better alternative. Single mothers are no longer the rarity that they used to be some […]

May 28, 2011

Comments Off on Law for All and All for Law

One thing that most of us take for granted in our life is law. In our daily lives we enter into many contracts though we are unaware of it. We take a bus while going to office in the morning, hardly stopping to think that we are entering into a contract with the bus conductor. […]

May 28, 2011

Comments Off on SHADI KA LADDOO ( Special marriage act, 1954 for the layman.)

Love happens. But what if one falls for the beautiful lady next-door who happens to be a Christian? Although, we tend to love our beloved quite feverishly , we still are to be loyal to our religion. But hail our central legislature , as they helped save the day and us from a very uncomfortable […]

May 28, 2011


The Supreme Court legalized commercial surrogacy in 2008 in the case of baby Manji Yamada, daughter of Ikufumi Yamada and Yuki Yamada (the couple got divorced shortly before the child was born) in an agreement with Preeti Patel, the surrogate mother observing that  “commercial surrogacy reaching industry proportions is sometimes referred to by the emotionally […]

May 28, 2011


In India there is a splurge of unemployment for the last few decades and for self employment an individual has many options such as sole proprietorship, partnership, company etc. But each form suffers a lot of disadvantages and advantages. Thus after a lot of efforts  a new style of corporate entity has been allowed in […]

May 28, 2011

Comments Off on All Fair In Love and War…..But Not in the Economy

All Fair In Love and War…..But Not in the Economy

“Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.” – Herbert Hoover (American President, 1874-1964) Great words by a great man. However, President Herbert Hoover had somewhat erred while making this statement. He only said ‘competition’, whereas he should have stressed on ‘fair competition’. Competition is present […]

May 27, 2011

Comments Off on Disqualification of Political Parties – Need for Clarification

INTRODUCTION Political parties are indispensable to any democratic system   and play the most crucial role in the electoral process – in setting up candidates and conducting election campaigns.  In recent years, we have been witnessing a succession  of unstable governments, and  the reason  for such a recurring phenomenon  is said to be the archaic and chaotic  functioning of political parties. Alliances and […]

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