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Shivani is a law student pursuing BA.LLB from Amity Law School, Delhi. She has keen interest in Indian politics and loves to talk about it. She is an athlete and actively participates in college level competitions.

September 7, 2012


There are twenty-eight states and seven union territories in India. Some of the states are given some benefits by the central government as they fall under the special category states. In 1969 while devising formula for sharing central assistance among states, the Fifth Finance Commission acting in line to the Gadgil formula, had accorded special […]

November 30, 2011


Illegal Mining in Bellary, Karnataka

Introduction The iron ore mining in Karnataka has been described as “a rape of Mother Earth”. Bellary has, over the past decade, emerged into India’s hot spot showing an amazing convergence of politics, business and crime. Reason- earth rich in iron ore. From 2002-2003 onwards, as demand for iron ore from China rose, never-ending lines […]

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