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Article 370- The Story And The Controversy

April 17, 2011


This Article which contains provision for Jammu and Kashmir was added temporarily and was to be removed within a time- period but it didn’t happen till. This Article was inserted and it provides a special status to Jammu and Kashmir by which it has a separate state and separate laws for itself. Besides, this the […]

What’s On Your Mind?

April 12, 2011

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Next time when you land up on your Facebook wall and it asks you “What’s on your mind?”, think twice before answering the question and ask yourself whether you are really supposed to post whatever is on your mind. Such questions surely made us think as to what rights we have regarding expression and speech. […]

Right to Equality vis a vis Reservation Policy in India

April 9, 2011


INTRODUCTION In the American Declaration of Independence, it is said that “All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.”  This notion of inalienable rights and their equal distribution has emerged in the early 16th century in the works of the social contractors- Hobbes Locke and Rousseau. John […]

Read This!- Its an Emergency!

April 8, 2011


Read This!- Its an Emergency!

Who among us are not familiar with the Emergency declared by our former Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi? When her election to the Lok Sabha was declared void by Justice Sinha, Justice Krishna Iyer gave a conditional stay to allowing her to remain a Member of Parliament, but disallowing her to take part in the proceedings […]

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