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Social Justice

June 7, 2011

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Social Justice as a concept is based on equal distribution of Justice, it was first recognized by a Sicilian priest priest Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio, and given prominence by Antonio Rosmini Serbati in La Costitutione Civile Secondo la Giustizia Sociale in 1848. In modern times, it can be referred from Article 1 of the UDHR, which is central […]

Honour Killing: A Boon or Bane

June 7, 2011

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Honour killing is a menace that has rotten the roots of the Indian society. To be young and in love has proved to be fatal for the Indian society. The stereotypical image of the society that a young boy and a girl can’t fall in love with each other has not undergone many changes. The […]

Be‘witch’ed, Beheaded and Begrudged: The Plight of the ‘Witches’ of India

June 6, 2011


As I write this, I recollect (I’m sure you would too) those days in the childhood when folklores about witches and sorcery used to be a subject of both, my curiosity and fright. Gone were those days, as there were better things to focus upon, until recently, when I stumbled upon the prevalent inhuman practice […]

Genocide of Daughters

June 2, 2011


Women face injustice and violence throughout the world, from the practice of female genital mutilation in Africa to the acts of sexual abuse in Mexico. But the undeclared winner of brutality against women is one of the largest democratic country in the world, India. Many women are being murdered almost every day in India by […]

Should Prostitution be Legalized?

May 22, 2011


Prostitution is the act or practice of providing one’s body for sexual purpose to another person in return of payment. The person who carry out such activities are called prostitutes. The word itself shows the predicament of these women. It point out the dilemma of these women who engage into this profession because of sheer […]

Access to Justice for the Socially and Economically failed

May 20, 2011

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In the words of Prof. Sidgwick: “In determining a nation’s rank in political civilization, no test is mote decisive than the degree in which justice as defined by the law is actually realized in its judicial administration.” Our India was independent on 15 august, 1947. We people became free from Britishers rule and smell the […]

Honour Killing: Is It Honourable?

May 18, 2011


Honour Killings have been persistent in Indian society particularly in Haryana, western U.P., and Rajasthan. In a country like India strong adherence to caste system has been the driving force behind most of the cases of honour killing. We are still bound by our traditional beliefs making us a slave to rigid caste system and […]

Why Prostitution should not be Legalized?

May 6, 2011


Why Prostitution should not be Legalized?

Immediately after becoming a republic one of the first things India did was to put its signatures on the International Convention for The Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Persons and Exploitation of Prostitution. Enactment of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956, followed ratification of the convention. After more than half-a-century of enforcement of the penal law, […]

Surrogacy and Laws in India

May 5, 2011


Surrogacy and Laws in India

Definition Surrogacy is a method in which a woman bears a child for another woman. It can be for commercial purpose or for altruistic purpose. The word surrogate originates from Latin word surrogatus(substitution). Kinds of Surrogacy There are two types of surrogacy IVF/ Gestational surrogacy Traditional/ Natural surrogacy IVF/ Gestational surrogacy Gestational surrogacy is one […]

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