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Reservation: A Blot on The Face Of the Country

June 7, 2011


The term “Reservation” has been doing the rounds within the Indian media circuit of late owing to the government decision to implement 27% quota for the OBCs in the educational institutions of higher learning. The term was initially came into existence during the famous “Poona Pact”[1] of 1932 which demanded the 18% of reserved seats […]

Honour Killing: A Boon or Bane

June 7, 2011

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Honour killing is a menace that has rotten the roots of the Indian society. To be young and in love has proved to be fatal for the Indian society. The stereotypical image of the society that a young boy and a girl can’t fall in love with each other has not undergone many changes. The […]

Harass a Women Until She Thorbs: An Approach of Indian Legislature

June 6, 2011


At first the question arises why has this particular topic been selected? The topic is of great importance because a woman is not only a creator of the world. She gives birth to a child and cares for the health, education etc. She maintains the child properly and makes the future of nation. Considering her […]

Right to Education- A Shattered Dream of Many

June 3, 2011

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Chotu is a child of a small village of majri in Rajasthan, he dreams to go school, he watches children going to school with there bags but he does not know that his this dream will never get fulfilled. He works on a roadside dhaba serving tea to tired people who come to his fathers […]

Law for All and All for Law

May 28, 2011

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One thing that most of us take for granted in our life is law. In our daily lives we enter into many contracts though we are unaware of it. We take a bus while going to office in the morning, hardly stopping to think that we are entering into a contract with the bus conductor. […]

Are Reality Shows Injuring Childhood?

May 26, 2011


Are Reality Shows Injuring Childhood?

The boy was eagerly waiting for the judges to comment on his performance. While he seemed completely satisfied with his song, the judges thought it to be dull singing. With the system of public voting on, they hoped to see him perform the next time. The boy unable to control his tears started crying, soon […]

Manual Scavenging: A Scavenger’s Plight under the Burdening Baskets

May 26, 2011

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As the clock strikes 3 in the morning, Savitri begins her routine as a manual scavenger in her locality. Her job involves going around local houses emptying the human waste from non-flushing toilets. Her innumerable attempts to escape the manual scavenging trade have remained unsuccessful till date. It is indeed upsetting reality to discern a […]

Learning to Live Together: Promoting Tolerance and Diversity in Globalized Societies

May 23, 2011


INTRODUCTION. Today violence has taken on a new face globally. No longer is confrontation between superpowers the central issue of war and peace. Today, intra societal violence, violence within nations overshadows violence that pits nation against nation. However intra-societal violence is not always confined within national borders and it can spill across communities and boundaries. […]

Justice- “Under Scrutiny”

May 22, 2011


Of the three pillars of the Indian democracy – the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, the first two pillars have been shaken by institutionalized corruption for a long time. The judiciary – the last recourse of law as The Supreme court of India along with 38 high courts and hundreds of district and divisional […]

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