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Uniform Civil Code in India – Meaning and Prospects

March 19, 2018

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Colonial History and Uniform Civil Code Codification of law dates back to the colonial period and the genesis of our country’s legislative literature can be traced back to the colonial era. The Lex Loci Report of October 1840 emphasized on the necessity for codification of Indian law relating to crime, evidence, contract etc., but it […]

ADR: Better mode for Conflict Resolution

March 28, 2013


ADR: Better mode for Conflict Resolution

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…”                                                                                           – ADR. We had adopted the common law legal system from the British, which we practice now. Under this system, what usually happens is that there are two disputed parties and the court is set in motion by the one that is […]

Medical Negligence and the Consumer Protection Act: Issues and challenges

March 27, 2013


Medical Negligence and the Consumer Protection Act: Issues and challenges

Public awareness of medical negligence in India is growing. The lucky doctors of past were treated like god and people revered and respected them. We witness today the fast pace of commercialization and globalization on all spheres of life and the medical profession is no exception to these phenomena. The medical profession has reached new […]

Concept of Special Category States in India

September 7, 2012


There are twenty-eight states and seven union territories in India. Some of the states are given some benefits by the central government as they fall under the special category states. In 1969 while devising formula for sharing central assistance among states, the Fifth Finance Commission acting in line to the Gadgil formula, had accorded special […]

Right to Recall in India: Meaning and Implications

March 10, 2012


Right to Recall in India: Meaning and Implications

(Hello folks! Here is the long awaited article on Right to recall. I hope I will be forgiven for such inexplicable delay! For those who are new, let me tell you that there is another article written by me which deals with pros and cons of Right to Reject. You would be able to appreciate […]

Mystery Of VAT solved.

May 30, 2011

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In India the Tax regime of indirect taxation was ruled by the Sales tax as the Final tax to the consumers on sales of goods. But a lot of problems were attributed the sales tax system. The world recognized a new principle called VAT that is Value Added Tax. Initially a lot of protests were […]

Status of Disability Laws in India

May 30, 2011


People may be disabled by physical, intellectual or sensory impairment, medical conditions or mental illness. Such impairments, conditions or illnesses may be permanent or transitory in nature. These disabled person are no longer discriminated due to their physical problems but are treated equally under the eyes of law. Article 14, 15, 16 and 21 of […]

Rule of Fair Hearing

April 20, 2011


The maxim audialterampartem accentuates the rule of fair hearing. It lays down that no one should be condemned unheard. It is the first principle of the civilised jurisprudence that a person facing the charges must be given an opportunity to be heard, before any decision is taken against him. Hearing means ‘fair hearing’. The norms […]

Principle Of Natural Justice

April 20, 2011

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The principles of natural justice have been developed and followed by the judiciary to protect the right of the public against the arbitrariness of the administrative authorities. Natural Justice implies fairness, reasonableness, equity and equality. It is the concept of the Common Law, which stands on the same footing as the concept of “procedural due […]

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