Entries Received for Competition

Save a Girl Child by Mudit Jain

Sexual Harassment by Abhijeet Singh

Sexual Harassment at Workplace in India by Jayshree Dugar and Yash Vardhan Deora

A Marriage be it Valid or Invalid: a Dowry is a Dowry! by Ankita Vashisht

An Overview on Indian Personal Laws on the Basis of Cultural Relativism and Human Rights. by Ankita Singh

There is No Honor in Killing by Keshav Gaur and Abhimanyu Singh

Outsourcing Motherhood by Prachi Bharadwaj

Female Foeticide: A Silent Cry from the Womb by Bhumika Indolia

Surrogacy and Laws in India by Akshay Saxena

INDIA still stuck in the TRAFFICK by Shreya Ganguly and Raunak Sathpathy

Understanding the Menace of Dowry Deaths by Aarushi Bhatnagar

Bride Burning and Dowry System In India by Abhishek Sharma

Sec 498A of the Indian Penal Code a weapon in the hands of vamps by Anshul Sehgal

Sexual Harassment at Workplace by Shivam Hargunani & Akshita Shrivastva

Girl Child in Prostitution by Akriti

Unscrupulous wives “victimizing” Husbands under Section 498A by Aarti Goyal

Should Prostitution be Legalized? by Tanmay Sadh

Marital Rape- Gross Violation of Human Rights? (Women’s Perspective).. by Somesh Dutta

Honour Killing: Can Killing Really Satisfy Honour? by Nikita Thapar

Genocide of Daughters by Vandhana Varughese

Executive Accountability: By Way of PIL by Kaamini Prajapati

Be‘witch’ed, Beheaded and Begrudged: The Plight of the ‘Witches’ of India by Divyaanshi Chandra

Termination of Pregnancy in cases of Prenatal Diagnosis of Severe Deformity by Mini Chowdhary

Harass a Women Until She Thorbs: An Approach of Indian Legislature by Shubham Shrivastava

Does Law Really Protect? : A Slap on Indian Democracy Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act, 1986: A Critical Legal Study by Shubham Shrivastava

Honour Killing: A Boon or Bane by Shubhangi Gupta

The Purdah of Morality: Public Display of Affection and the Law by Sreerupa Chowdhury

Reservation: A Blot on The Face Of the Country by Priyambada Chaturvedi

Growth of Administrative Law in India by Mrinalini Singh

Protecting your Intellectual Property in India by Rahul Sehra and Saurabh Saini

Right Not to Vote in India by Sikander Tuteja

Jan Lokpal Bill: The Beginning of a New Era. by Arnab Naskar and Mohinder Pratap Singh Libra

Right To Recall; Need Of Democracy by Punit Kumar Prahalad and Varun Prabhakar

Criminalization of Politics: The Nexus by Abhijeet Singh

Criminalization of Politics by Akriti

Democracy- “work in progress” by Mahi Sharma

Disqualification of Political Parties – Need for Clarification by Ritwik Sneha

Euthanasia- Can a Person be Denied Right to Die? by Shubhangi Gupta

Don’t Mix Drinking & Driving- Because Law Says So! by Nikita Mishra

Social Justice by Tanya Sharma & Radhika Misra

Ramdev Wants Black Money, Competition Law Wants a Fair Economy by Victor Das

Intellectual Property Rights: An Introduction by Smriti Tripathi

Juvenile Justice System In India: Do We Really Care? by Devdatta Mukherjee

Indian Constitution: Is it Federal? by Radhika Indapurkar

Torts? Law of Torts! What's that? by Safal Sharma

The Irony Of Equality Vis-A-Vis Protective Discrimination in India by S.Nandini Pahari & Sanjeev.S

Telangana- Constitutional Issues in New State Formation by Swati Sharma

CYBERCRIME VS CYBERLAW- It Is Just A Beginning by Rahul Anand

Band, Baajaa, ‘Bargain’: Legal Status of Pre-Nuptial Agreements in India by Divyanashi Chandra

A Balancing Act by Sameer Boray

Plea Bargaining: Victim-Oriented Reform by Satish Kumar & Rahul Dev

Live-In-Relationship : A Problem or Solution by Swasti Misra

Stricter Animals Laws in India by Mini Choudhary

Right to Education- A Shattered Dream of Many by Sameer Sagar

Independence of Judiciary by Raghav Joshi

Deal or No Deal is fine… But Valid Deal or Invalid Deal? by Vikrant Shetty

AFSPA: A Mockery of Human Rights by Aayush Kumar & Prateeti Goyal

Let’s Share Article 21 by Surabhi Aggarwal

“Hey Doc, I am suffering too much, can end it by ending me?” by Raghav Joshi

Arbitration and Conciliation – A Love Story by Vikrant Shetty

Police as Functionaries of Criminal Procedure Code by Ritwik Sneha

Two Sides of the Same Coin---To Speak or Not to Speak by Sidharth Aurora

Child Sexual Abuse in India by Bijetri Roy

Mystery Of VAT solved. by Vineet Kothari

Watch out!! You are being exploited… by Prashant Vikas

What is PIL? by Vineet Kothari & Shreshtha Gupta

Status of Disability Laws in India by Akansha Rai

How tight is the noose of death? by Aniket Jain

Need for reform in Article 12 of the Constitution: Obligation of Private Entities to Protect Fundamental Rights by Aakriti Mathur

An Emerging Trend in Judiciary: Court Management by Aniket Pandey

LLP Explained by Vineet Kothari

Help me Die by Vineet Kothari and Shreshtha Gupta

Law- As It Stands… The Uniform Civil Code in India… by Sanandan Chopra

Utility of Digital Signature in India by Souvik Mridha & Shreshtha Gupta

Solitary Reapers by Ashmita Ganguly

Law for All and All for Law by Tanmay Sadh

SHADI KA LADDOO ( Special marriage act, 1954 for the layman.) by Karuna Sharma Maharaj

Is India promoting Reproductive tourism? by Apeksha Mehta

All Fair In Love and War…..But Not in the Economy by Vikrant Shetty

Are Reality Shows Injuring Childhood? by Arpita Mitra

Right To Food by Shivani Rana

Sentencing: Choices and Dilemmas for a Judge by Priyanka Mukherjee

Manual Scavenging: A Scavenger’s Plight under the Burdening Baskets by Arpita Mitra & Ipshita Mitra

Study on Right to Education in India by Akansha Rai and Shivani Rana

Limitation of Liability- A Safety Net For The Contracting Party by Akash Saha

Learning to Live Together: Promoting Tolerance and Diversity in Globalized Societies by Praghti Malhotra

Patterns and Schemes of Constitution for New State Formation by Nishant Singh

Justice- “Under Scrutiny” by Animesh Jain

Sports Law: A Crying Need by Aniket Pandey

"Japanese Crisis - The Future of Nuclear Industry" by Aniket Pandey

Corporate Social Responsibility and its Enforceability by Aniket Pandey

What is The Future of India’s Past? by Rohit Kannojia & Yagyawalkya Singh

Access to Justice for the Socially and Economically failed by Nikkita Singh

Honour Killing: Is It Honourable? by Sunaina Sharma and Katyayini Sharma

Constitutionality of the Right to Die by Anshul Sehgal

SEZ: The Way Forward For IT Companies by Kshitiz Karjee

Liability for Nuclear Damage Arising out of Peaceful Use in India by Upasana Dasgupta

Compensation to Victims of Crime Under Criminal Law by Bhumika Sharma

Fairness to the Accused by Pankaj Sevta and A. Upadhyay

The Menace of Child Labour in India by Abhishek Sharma

The Whistle-Blower Bill by Apoorv Shah

Use of Animals for Scientific Research and their Commercial Exploitation: Relevant Laws and Suggestions by Vasuprabhat Shukla

Restructuring –The Agenda adopted by Companies to Merge by Ankita Singh

These Old Lethal Laws by Govind Chaturvedi

Youth by Govind Chaturvedi

Emotional Atyachaar: A Legal Perspective by Govind Chaturvedi

Emotional Atyachaar by Darshana Reddy

Climate Change Mitigation from India’s Perspective by Adhideb Bhattacharya & Ankit Shrivastav

Forest Conservation and Preservation in India-Judicial Approach by Adhideb Bhattacharya & Ankit Shrivastav

Conservation of Wildlife in India and Relevant Laws by Adhideb Bhattacharya & Ankit Shrivastav

Highlights of Right to Education ( RTE) Act by Rohit Adlakha and Palak Sharma

The Legal Position of Customs/Usage of Trade In View of Indian Contract Act, 1872 by Abhimanyu Singh

Role To Be Played By Judiciary Under Intellectual Property Laws by Deepankar Sharma

Blanket Cover of Disciplined Forces: Misuse of Khaki Collar by Mayank Marwaha and Kush Kalra

Reservation Policy in India by Shivendra Singh Rana

Rights of the Accused by Vivek Jain

Role of Lokayukta in Combating Corruption by Deepankar Sharma

Right to Education Act 2009 by Abhimanyu Singh

Abuse of the Right of Private Defence: Case based Analysis by Sarthak Sharma

Protection to the Alleged in Indian Criminal Justice System by Sarthak Sharma

FAIRNESS TO THE ACCUSED: With Special Reference to Malimath Committee Report by Anish Jaipuriar and Sarita Rout

Remedies Against an Ex-Parte Decree by Sattwik Shekhar

KILL ME and Bury the Consequences by Yash Bharadwaj

Internet Pornography: Problems and Solutions by M Abhijnan

Reservation Policy in India by Jai Prakash Meena

Principle Of Natural Justice by Siddharth Mohanty

Rule of Fair Hearing by Siddharth Mohanty

Capital Punishment for Rape by Gajendra Singh

Child Pornography:- National And Global Prespective, A Menace by Ankush Bhargawa

An Inflating Disaster: Criminal Transmission Of HIV by Chetna Anjum

“No Government wants Strong Judiciary”…………………..Don’t Blame Judiciary for… by Aniket Pandey

Where to, with the Anti Graft Draft? by Stutee Nag

Adequacy of Legal and Regulatory Framework to Combat Corruption in India by Kush Kalra and Rubal Garg

Article 370- The Story And The Controversy by Yatharth Nath Pathak

I Can speak or Can I? by Shree Agnihotri

The Menace of Corruption by Ambika Khanna

Fairness to the Accused with respect to the Indian Evidence Act, 1872 by Gaurav Ghosh

On Acts of Desperation &Consent : A Critique on the Suicide & Homosexuality Laws as per the IPC with Respect to Morality by Anantha Krishnan Iyer and R. Hari Krishnan

Would Shakespeare survive today’s copyright laws? by Vikrant Shetty

Is The Lady Of Justice Blind To The Sexual Abuse Of Minors? by Pallavi Arora

Special Economic Zone: The History & The Future by Abhijeet Singh

Marriage Laws (Amendment) Bill 2010: Constitutional Validity by Abhijeet Singh

Delayed Justice- An Inhuman Act by Nitin Jain

Law, Life, Luck and Losers by Swati Bala

Applicability of ADR in Criminal Cases. by Anoop Kumar

I Need a Quick Divorce by Rajat Pradhan

Privacy Laws in India by Vinayak Mathur

A Time to reconsider Section 112 of the Indian Evidence Act by Shuchi Singh

What’s On Your Mind? by Alok Tripathi

Copying in Examination Should be Permitted by Yogendra Pratap Singh

Dowry Death: Crime Against Humanity by Anudita Chaurasia

Anti Dowry Laws – Use or Misuse by Jitendra Gautam

Surrogacy- Renting a Womb by Vikrant Shetty

The Banking Ombudsman Scheme by Ashwani Yadav

A Bill that Strengthens the Sovereignty of India by Deeptanshu Singh

"Cancer Synonym of Corruption" by Aniket Pandey

Right to Equality vis a vis Reservation Policy in India by Neha Tilak Ratakonda

The Plachimada Coca-cola Victims Relief and Compensation Claims special Tribunal Bill,2011 by Abhijit Anand

Easy Exit Scheme, 2011 by Rajat Dosi

Why the Lokpal Bill 2010 is only a Sham by Prasang Shukla

International Environmental Standards for Transnational Corporations by Karan Singh

Section 9 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Doctrines Surrounding Its Extra- Territorial Applicability by Karan Singh

SHE...HE...S/HE: Gender Neutrality with Emphasis on Rape Law by Swati Bala

The New Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy 2011: Whether Will Prove a Game Changer in Boosting Investor Confidence? by Vaibhav Chaudhary and Deeksha Chaudhary

Read This!- Its an Emergency! by Vikrant Shetty

International Law and Treaties – and How we Treat them by Vikrant Shetty

The Law of the Special Zones of India by Sagnik Chatterjee

I Knew that Already! by Anant Raje

Ban on Gutkha in Plastic Pouch by Anudita Chourasia

Banking on a Banking Ombudsman? by Anant Raje

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