Rules & Regulations

Objective of the Competition: is a student run multi-author Blog, created with the motive of simplifying the complex laws and explaining them to readers without legal jargon and ensuring a better understanding of legal do’s and don’ts among masses. With the same purpose this competition is being organized. This will serve as a platform for active student participation in increasing legal awareness.

Provisions, Statute or Indian Laws explained in easy English by the participants and published at shall serve as free source of legal knowledge for laymen.

To encourage variety and allowing wide scope to participants and express themselves, no topics or subjects have been given. The field of Law is vast and restricting the competition to few law subjects will defeat the very object of this competition.

The participants are expected to choose a topic which a layman might find helpful and leads to increase in his legal awareness.

Rules & Regulations for the Blog Post Writing Competition:

1. The participants must put their full name and other necessary details like e-mail address, name of the institution/office, profession etc at the end of the post. This competition is open to participants of any Nationality.

2. The participants are expected to explain any provision, statute or Indian law which they think people would like to read about in easy English. Extensive footnoting is discouraged. For citation, make bracket after the sentence and give reference if necessary.

3. Participants are to insert the following script, compulsorily at the end of their post/posts, after putting their name and other details to identify it as a competition entry-

“[Submitted as an entry for the Blog Post Writing Competition, 2011]”

4. The entry (post) should be mailed electronically in MS Word 2003 or 2007 format compulsorily to

5. Participants can submit multiple entries. Each entry shall be treated as separate one, therefore, must be sent separately.

6. reserves the right to reject any entry/entries, if found incomplete, invalid, plagiarized or contain any inappropriate information for e.g. (controversial or offensive material). Decision of in this regard shall be final.

7. The length of the post/entry must be of minimum 500 words and maximum up to 1500 words.

8. The entry/post may be accompanied with a photograph (optional) supporting/relating to the content. The photograph should not violate any intellectual property right. Give due courtesy at the end of your post, if the photograph is not your property. The photograph must be send as an attachment to the mail.

9. By submitting the entry in this competition, the participant certifies that the contents of the post/entry are his/her own original work and the same does not exist in any other publication, blog or website or elsewhere. For any legal dispute arising in this regard, the participant shall be solely and personally responsible and or sponsor Westlaw India shall not be responsible under any circumstances.

10. By participating in the competition, the participant automatically grants, the right to use, copy, adapt, transmit, distribute, publish and display the submitted entry/entries, whether whole or in part. This will be applicable worldwide and in perpetuity.

11. All entries must be sent latest by 9 pm IST,  31st May, June 7, 2o11.

12. The entries which adhere to the set standards will be published within three days of their receipt. Only the published entries will be considered for further evaluation.

  • For the Reader’s Choice Award, as soon as a post is published it will be open for voting (i.e. clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button which will be placed below every published article).Only the clicks on the ‘like’ button below every entry for the competition will be considered for the number count. (Sending your entry early could be an added advantage.)
  • The Panel for Jury’s Choice Award will be chosen by
  • The selection of the winner for Sponsor’s Choice award will be done by the sponsor i.e. Westlaw India.
  • In case of tie between two entries the Prize money will be distributed equally among them.

13. The Evaluation of Jury’s Choice Award and Sponsor’s Choice Award will be based primarily on-

  • Content
  • Relevance
  • Organization

14. The winners will be announced within fifteen days after the deadline of receiving entries for the competition on Individual winners will be notified by mail.

15. Winners shall be awarded with certificates along with the cash prize.

16. The cash prize shall be paid to the winner through online Bank Transfer.

17. The decision of the jury/sponsor/organizer shall be final and cannot be challenged in any manner.

19. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of competent courts in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India).

20. Co-authorship is permitted. Maximum two authors are allowed per entry.

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