Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Priyanka Mukherjee

Comments Off on Sentencing: Choices and Dilemmas for a Judge

The courts have an exclusive privilege of interpreting laws yet, at times the judges have a fault of giving decisions which either stretch the law else trespass on fields which are reserved for the other instrumentalities. It is of course true to say that judges need to give objective, impartial and impersonal judgements. Such judgements […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Arpita Mitra & Ipshita Mitra

Comments Off on Manual Scavenging: A Scavenger’s Plight under the Burdening Baskets

As the clock strikes 3 in the morning, Savitri begins her routine as a manual scavenger in her locality. Her job involves going around local houses emptying the human waste from non-flushing toilets. Her innumerable attempts to escape the manual scavenging trade have remained unsuccessful till date. It is indeed upsetting reality to discern a […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Akansha Rai and Shivani Rana


Education in India has a history stretching back to the ancient urban centers of learning at Taxila and Nalanda. Education emancipates the human beings and leads to liberation from ignorance. According to Pestalozzi “education is a constant process of development of innate powers of man which are natural, harmonious and progressive.” It is said that […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Akash Saha


Limitation of liability in layman’s language means limiting once liability to an agreed amount. It often happens that while performing a contract, the party might breach the contract (not necessary willfully). In such cases, it is not possible to pay the whole of the total damage as it might lead to the party getting insolvent […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Praghti Malhotra


INTRODUCTION. Today violence has taken on a new face globally. No longer is confrontation between superpowers the central issue of war and peace. Today, intra societal violence, violence within nations overshadows violence that pits nation against nation. However intra-societal violence is not always confined within national borders and it can spill across communities and boundaries. […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Nishant Singh


The name of the union is India that is “Bharat”, and the members of the union are the states specified in the first schedule of the constitution The States Reorganisation Act of 1956 was a major reform of the boundaries and governance of India’s state and territories. The act reorganised the boundaries of India’s states […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Animesh Jain


Of the three pillars of the Indian democracy – the executive, the legislature and the judiciary, the first two pillars have been shaken by institutionalized corruption for a long time. The judiciary – the last recourse of law as The Supreme court of India along with 38 high courts and hundreds of district and divisional […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Tanmay Sadh


Prostitution is the act or practice of providing one’s body for sexual purpose to another person in return of payment. The person who carry out such activities are called prostitutes. The word itself shows the predicament of these women. It point out the dilemma of these women who engage into this profession because of sheer […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Aniket Pandey

Comments Off on Sports Law: A Crying Need

“Sports in India are an extremely vast area and entail lots of legal issues, yet our laws related to sports are still not clear and transparent. For instance, India is hosting Commonwealth Games for the first time and legal issues related to infrastructure, sponsorship, licensing, doping, etc, are likely to confront us. The need of […]

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