Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Bhumika Sharma


Victim means a person who has suffered any loss or injury caused by reason of the act or omission for which the accused person has been charged and the expression “victim” includes his or her guardian or legal heir.[1] Crime takes an enormous physical, financial and emotional hardship on its victims. The status of the […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Pankaj Sevta and A. Upadhyay


Criminal justice system gives  an  important position to the fairness to the accused. . It is based on the precinct that through a process of fair hearing and adducing of evidence, the truth of the matter will eventually emerge.  Fairness to accused as become a fundamental assumptions in our criminal justice system. The state imposes […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Abhishek Sharma


Introduction “A Child is a father of the man”( This famous line quoted by William Wordsworth refers to the importance of the child in a society for the development of society as well as for the development of the whole nation.). Child labour is done by any working child who is under the age specified […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Abhishek Sharma

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The Problem Of Dowry The problem of Dowry has always been persistent in India and is also rising at a rapid rate and so are the offences related to dowry demand. Dowry demands can go on for years together. The birth of children and a number of customary and religious ceremonies often tend to become […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Apoorv Shah


Wikipedia defines Whistle-blowing as “The act when a person tells the public or some public authority about an alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in a government department, a public or a private organisation or a company.” The reported activity can be a violation of a law, rule, regulation and/or a direct threat to public […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Vasuprabhat Shukla


The use of animals for scientific research and commercial purposes has been a topic for debate over a prolonged period. Although, the research projects have given huge benefits to the human kind but contrary to that, they’ve resulted in pain and stress to the innocent animals made subject to these experiments. The animals being part […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Ankita Singh

Comments Off on Restructuring –The Agenda adopted by Companies to Merge

“Equity and efficiency are complimentary, not contradictory, and we must move forward on both these while maintaining a high degree of fiscal and financial discipline and a robust external economic profile”[1]. The agenda of escalation of Indian market can be empathized from the above quoted opinion. The unleashing of the Indian economy has led the […]

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Immediately after becoming a republic one of the first things India did was to put its signatures on the International Convention for The Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Persons and Exploitation of Prostitution. Enactment of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956, followed ratification of the convention. After more than half-a-century of enforcement of the penal law, […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Govind Chaturvedi


The judgment by the honorary Delhi High court, stating that section 377 of the Indian Penal Code is repealed, was met with a potpourri of appreciation, adoration and contempt. Needless to say which section of society felt what; however it’s about time someone needed to do what is right. While, the judiciary finally repealed an atrocious […]

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