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On August 26, 2010 the Supreme court of India ruled that if police come across a totally different version of the incident from the accused then it is free to register a second FIR. The Bench comprising of Justice B S Chauhan and Justice P Sathasivam made the registration two FIRs permissible in the case of A.M. Bharvad […]

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Introduction Prostitution, the oldest profession on earth is not something which the Indian society today looks up to.  In the realms of history we have had prostitutes who enjoyed celebrity hood. The law, indignantly, is bent oncurbing the profession but has been unsuccessful so far. The truth that the elimination of prostitution is not possible […]

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Dear all, On this day one might expect me to write a long article glorifying our motherland and her achievements. Much has been said in this regard. I believe today is a day to feel the fervour and savour the feeling of being a proud, sensitive and aware Indian! So for now I keep myself short and on the […]

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Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 contains five chapters and thirty seven sections. This article highlights some of the important provisions which are essential for the nuance understanding of the statute. The basic provisions are simplified here so that a layman faces no difficulties when it comes to grasping the concept of the […]

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In the post independence period the emphasis was laid on developing India in terms of economy and infrastructure. Later policy makers focused on education where technical and medical education was considered as a priority. This made legal education an ignored aspect and as a result, in early 1970s, we began to feel the dearth of […]

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It has been alleged by a Maharashtra minister that Abu Salem and Mustafa Dossa receive special treatment in the jail in collusion with the prison authorities. The Home Minister of the state, Mr. R. R. Patil has promised a visit to the Arthur Road jail to take stock of the situation after ongoing monsoon session […]

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Stalking is a phenomenon which could turn out to be a frightening experience for any  women. It is common to hear mothers tutoring their young daughters to be wary of strangers who might trail them. Young working women who stay alone in metro cities prove to be soft targets and are prone to be stalked. […]

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In the history of Indian Disasters, one black day was observed in the year 1984, when the methyl- gas-leakage occurred out of the Union Carbide Company and caused over 15000 deaths at a time and another verisimilitude of black day has just been observed in the history of Indian Governance, Law and Judiciary, when the […]

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Domain names are big business nowadays, for the past several years, domain names, the “real estate of the Internet,” have generated substantial returns for savvy investors, who often refer to themselves as “domineers.” Today, a domain name holder can display pay-per-click advertising on a website, and sit-back and let the money roll in while Internet users […]

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