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First step in a legal battle against so-called ‘honour-killing’ was taken on 30th March 2010,when a landmark judgement was given by the Karnal Sessions Court in the murder case of Manoj and Babli, who had been murdered three years ago by Babli’s relatives on the orders of Khap Panchayat for having married within the same […]

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To secure a good job a student needs internships under his belt. It is a common trend especially among students who are pursuing professional courses. These internships are basically divided in two categories – Paid and Unpaid.  Paid internship is the one for which a student gets stipend whereas for an unpaid internship no stipend […]

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The issues relating to consumer welfare affects the entire 1.17 billion people since everyone is a consumer in one way or the other. Ensuring consumer welfare is the responsibility of the government. Accepting this, policies have been framed and the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, was introduced. A separate Department of Consumer Affairs was also created […]

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Cyber Law is the domain which is intersection of technology, risk, and law. The IT Act 2000 has done a very good job at somewhat restricting the cyber crimes that takes place every hour in India. I suppose we ourselves are to be blamed for the loopholes that this Act contains. According to a study, the […]

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Due to advancement in technology and communications we are so dependent on easy to access means of knowledge that we have almost forgotten the joy of exploring things and attaining/discovering new facts by our own. But one must remember that sometimes even your tiny bit of efforts may teach you a lot. I experienced the […]

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Before you expect anything from me in this article that I am going to provide any  kind of information about Cars or something like that..let me tell you that this article is about the legalized “live-in-relationships” in India. Yup it seems funny, but its like ‘Taking a test drive’ before buying a car! But the only difference is […]

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The IPC observes its 150 years in India. The occasion goes unnoticed in India but Singapore ( which owes a great deal of its laws from IPC) in this May 2010 commemorates the 150 years of IPC in an international event to be held in the National University. The law fraternity in Singapore is resaerching […]

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[image source] Barack Obama, president of the United States of America used multiple pens to write a single signature on the historic Healthcare Bill on March 23, 2010 (Obama can be seen in the picture signing the bill at the Whitehouse). What may surprise you that he did not use one or two but twenty- […]

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Indian penal code is the skeleton of the Indian criminal justice system. A person in general encounters it either in news reports or whenever he himself gets involved in a criminal case attracting IPC sections. But what exactly Indian Penal code is? How and when did it originate? What is its applicability? How does it […]

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