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In general spoken and written English we do not usually pay attention to the difference between two similar terms and use them interchangeably. Kidnapping and abduction are such two terms which are are generally used as synonyms but in the eyes of law they have different meanings- Difference in a nutshell– Kidnapping– Removing a minor away from lawful custody without […]

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Love is in the air! As the Valentine’s Day approaches the scenario all around us changes – markets are stacked with gifts and greetings; T.V., newspapers and cell phones are flooded with love messages; and the hearts of the young are filled with lovely anticipations.. The mood turns festive! But who plays the role of […]

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Recent amendment to the Information and Technology Act makes status messages and tweets admissible as evidences in the court of law. The reckless use of social networking sites might land you up in deep trouble. An impromptu message over sites such as facebook, twitter, orkut etc. May get you arrested, fired or divorced.  The amended  […]

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