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“People do make mistakes and I think they should be punished. But they should be forgiven and given the opportunity for a second chance. We are human beings.” –          David Millar Every person who commits a crime is deemed to punishment but this does not mean that he needs to repay it with his life. And […]

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Comments Off on Personal Injury and Litigation Services

What is Personal Injury? Personal injury can be understood as harm sustained by one’s body. Such harm can be physical as well as psychological. When a person gets injured due to another’s person fault or negligence, it gives rise to personal injury litigation. The wrong doer can sued for the purposes of seeking compensation for […]

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Comments Off on Freedom of Speech and Expression and Ban on Films

I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.’ – Voltaire The Screening of Film (Vishwaroopam) is banned for two weeks in  India( Tamil Nadu) amid protests by some community members in  pursuance to the request of the state police not to release the Film as […]

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A common man in his busy life does not know much about what happens next door. He neither has time to inquire into things nor bothered about others. All the information he knows is only through media. Indian media has been recognized as sensitive patriotic and very influential tool in the socio political sphere since […]

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Comments Off on Online Diploma course by NUJS on Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws

National University of Juridical Sciences(NUJS) is starting the second batch of its 1-year diploma course on Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Laws in collaboration with iPleaders, a legal education company focusing on making the legal education accessible to entrepreneurs, managers, decision makers, working professionals and law students. What does it take to become a good business […]

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Comments Off on Why Numerous Restrictions on use of our National Flag?

“A National Flag” as pointed by Lt. Cdr. K.V. Singh in his book ‘Our National Flag’ is the most solemn symbol of a country. Be it a Head of the State, King or peasant, salutes it. A piece of cloth called the National Flag stands for the whole nation, its honour and glory. When it […]

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Comments Off on Procedural aspects of De-merger of a Company

Demerger is a mode of industrial restructuring. Demerger is often used to describe division or separation of different undertakings of a business. The companies act does not contain the concept of de-merger as such but indirectly it does recognize it in- Sec 391/394 (scheme of compromise, arrangement or reconstruction) and Sec 293(1) (a)(sale, lease or […]

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There are twenty-eight states and seven union territories in India. Some of the states are given some benefits by the central government as they fall under the special category states. In 1969 while devising formula for sharing central assistance among states, the Fifth Finance Commission acting in line to the Gadgil formula, had accorded special […]

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Comments Off on RTE in light of ‘Society for Un-aided Private Schools of Rajasthan v. Union of India’

Education is the much needed catalyst which steers the rate of growth and development of a country. The vital role of education in our society cannot be denied as it can change the fortune of many. In India, there had been always a demand for compulsorily providing of education to all. In the initial years […]

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