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(The following article has been divided into two parts. Part I deals with basics of patent and its infringement. Part II explains the infringement with specific sections of Indian Patent Act,1970. Click here for Part II) Meaning of Patent Patent means a monopoly right granted to a person to exploit his invention for a limited period […]

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The deadline for submitting entries for Blog Post Writing Competition, 2011 is finally over! The results are not yet out..But I believe that they will make a different and wonderful story altogether!  As for now I am happy to announce that the participation was far more than what our team had expected and the competition […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Nikita Mishra

Comments Off on Don’t Mix Drinking & Driving- Because Law Says So!

Introduction Drunken driving is an offence in India, like many other countries worldwide. The object of making it an offence under law is to improve road safety by seeking to bring down the number of accidents and fatalities caused by driver’s fault. We really can’t blame the authorities for thinking that, what with daily news […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Sreerupa Chowdhury


When Richard Gere had stooped over to kiss Shilpa Shetty on the cheek in an anti-AIDS event in New Delhi in 2008, little did he imagine that he would be slapped with arrest warrants on obscenity charges. In a country that likes its pizzas in 30 minutes, adores its Beatles and its Beiber (*sigh*), where […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Tanya Sharma & Radhika Misra

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Social Justice as a concept is based on equal distribution of Justice, it was first recognized by a Sicilian priest priest Luigi Taparelli d’Azeglio, and given prominence by Antonio Rosmini Serbati in La Costitutione Civile Secondo la Giustizia Sociale in 1848. In modern times, it can be referred from Article 1 of the UDHR, which is central […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Victor Das

Comments Off on Ramdev Wants Black Money, Competition Law Wants a Fair Economy

“While the law of competition may be hard for the individual, it is the best for the human race because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.” -Andrew Carnegie, American industrialist. Introduction Once upon a time, in 1879, in a country we know today as the United States of America, certain unique […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Smriti Tripathi


‘Intellectual property right’ is the much touted phrase in today’s era of market competition and globalization. This article aims to introduce this concept that sounds hi-fi and is somewhat intriguing to a layman. Everyone knows what a property is. In day to day parlance we associate the word property with some object or land that […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Devdatta Mukherjee

Comments Off on Juvenile Justice System In India: Do We Really Care?

A person’s a person, no matter how small: An Introduction “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela. Recognition of the rightful place of the child in the societal fabric, a paradigm shift from a need-based approach to a right-based approach, […]

Article for Blog Post Writing Competition 2011 | by Priyambada Chaturvedi


The term “Reservation” has been doing the rounds within the Indian media circuit of late owing to the government decision to implement 27% quota for the OBCs in the educational institutions of higher learning. The term was initially came into existence during the famous “Poona Pact”[1] of 1932 which demanded the 18% of reserved seats […]

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